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Reason to live??

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can anyone give me a reason to live? i can't seem to find one. once i die everything will be better for me, and for the people still living. i don'
t feel that there is anything to look forward to in life. nothing happy or good. the only thing there is for me in the future is more pain. i don't have anyone that cares for me or anyone that wants me to stay alive. i want to escape a life of depression. i can't breathe anymore, i'm suffocating in myself and this world. i don't want to be saved because that can't help me. if anyone can find a reason why it might be worth living, tell me. i've lost all hope. and i'm not going to listen to anyone that says i need to see someone or that i need to turn to jesus.


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You're obviously chronically depressed so of course you can't see a reason to live.
Have you seen a doctor, have any meds, any support?

When we're depressed it's nigh on possible to imagine that anything good can or is happening in our lives, but I bet there is something.

Do something that you enjoy.
Post here or in chat when it feels too much...someone will always answer.
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