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  1. Barbados

    Barbados Well-Known Member

    In the course of time, history and the future, if I died right now, it wouldn't matter because I would be completly forgotten within 100 years or so and everyone I ever knew and shared anything with would be gone aswell. Think of the billions of people who have died in history, me alone would just be another number. I wish I could express my feeling for life, everything I've ever known and experienced into something right now but I'm not very good with words.
  2. Ziggy

    Ziggy Antiquitie's Friend

    Maybe there's a world out there with billions of people in it. Maybe there's a world that messed up and evil, or maybe there's a world that's beautiful and good, a world out there in which I'm not important in the slightest... that's fine with me... "The lark's on the wing; The snail's on the thorn; God's in his Heaven - All's right with the world!"

    Funny but I've been thinking earlier tonight that nobody actually really knows me, what I'm going through, what I've been through, what I think or feel... I wanted people to know, I wanted to express it, but it doesn't matter, it's my world, and mine alone. And in my world, it mattered, it was important, and it meant something. So I guess that's fine too.
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  3. Barbados

    Barbados Well-Known Member

    Nobody actually knows me either. The world is fine, its just the people on it who have no real idea of anything. I cant even explain anything right now.
  4. twilightki

    twilightki Well-Known Member

    Barbados, when you think you can (come close, at least) to putting it into words, be sure to come back and tell us. We might be able to do something, say something, or at least make you feel a little better. :smile:

    As for not being remembered, I can't help you out. I myself, I don't really care whether I'm remembered, because I won't know it. So I try to enjoy my life, reach out to other people and do my best. That's the best answer I can give you at the moment, I'll make sure to come back if I think of something better, or a way to go into more depth.
  5. Barbados

    Barbados Well-Known Member

    I've realised through actually being brutally honest and not believing what would make me happy all human life is worthless, not just mine but everyone. Just one big race to survive and to want everyone to know how good we all are and how smart, funny and perfect we can be when we all are far from it. Life has temporary worth but not eternal. A lifetime full of accomplishments and stories worthless as they will be all forgotten, it doesnt even matter if anything I ever did was remember, eventually it will be forgotten obviously. Its true though, if I died it wouldn't really matter, would just cause some people a bit of sadness but they would get over it like I have with people I know who have died, I still feel sad but the more and more time goes on the less these things occupy your thoughts. Im probably not making any sense to anyone, I really am not good with putting pen to paper.
  6. Ziggy

    Ziggy Antiquitie's Friend

    When it comes to worth and meaning, I think "What's the point of a cat or a tree?" and conclude that these things are there to be appreciated, you go on holiday, see new sights, forgot about them years later but you appreciated them at the time, and so I think it is of friends that have died, even if I totally forgot them, the moments we had together were good and were worth something.

    But then you look at your own life and think "Well by that logic maybe I'm here to so that others may appreciate me" but then you think "But they don't, maybe they can't" It's one thing to hang a painting in a museum but if you're going to shut it away in a store cupboard then does it still have any worth? I think so, it's simply there waiting to be discovered. I think everyone is.

    We may not be popular, we may be different to others, we may not fit our ideals of 'normal' or 'desirable' but we are still there to be appreciated. After all I would love to walk into my local record store and go "Oh look, they've got a sale of Japanese Percussion Music on." it's not popular so I have to hunt it down on the internet, I guess it makes it all the more special when I find it.

    I guess our lives our special too, they may be brief and quickly forgotten but the shorter they are the less opportunity we have to discover and be discovered, to appreciate and to be appreciated ourselves.
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  7. Lead Savior

    Lead Savior Well-Known Member

    You are right, in the long run nothing matters. "We are but shadows and dust," to quote a song I know of.

    That is why you live day to day, for the day. Live for the breeze, the mewing of kittens, and for those you care about the most.
  8. Barbados

    Barbados Well-Known Member

    Living day to day in depression as you come to terms with the pointlessness and predictability of your life and everyone elses around you, no excitement left. Everyone else around you has no appreciation for anything real and cant appreciate things that matter, but are just another copy of the next person with the same thoughts and feelings. The only thing keeping me alive is music. I sound pathetic and like the people I'm describing but its not like that atall. I wish I lived numb like everyone else without a care in the world.
  9. Just gonna say hun, I know how you feel. :hug:
    I'm here for you.
  10. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    there is no denying what you posted.
    It's true.
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