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  1. Nevermore

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    I want to write this down. Im too angry and depressed to focus ;; Dont read this; humored

    my best friend is in the "war" and i havent sent him anything. im fucking lazy
    my friends here dont listen to what I say. i hate them and i hate myself
    my finances suck
    my "family" sucks
    im always buisy and i cant focus on myself, bsfgzfhgzh

    i just spent an hour cutting myself. i slit my wrist but it wasnt deep enough to kill me. i cant do it just yet so i only get bloody keyboard and more depression / anger

    fuck me just die
  2. gentlelady

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    I hope you are feeling better Nevermore. I am sorry you are feeling so lost. Please take care of yourself. I would like to see you stay safe. :hug: