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Rebuttal contd......on dogmatism

Discussion in 'Opinions, Beliefs, & Points of View' started by Bostonensis, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. Bostonensis

    Bostonensis Guest

    I need to express the color of H2O just to balance out the above comments about money & religion. This is a very useful topik if we can get our tolerance in balance. The majority of our depressions today that leads us to suicide is rooted to the institutionalization of our mind/brain imbalance. me for one is a by product of a societal rules & demands ;& as akid I have no control over what is being fed to my brain until my intuition comes back through the help of research & facts.
    Semitism is not about a race, it is more of a religion race,who has the best God is the competition. Hitler finds the most powerful tool to subjugate human mind given the chance by accident. Using the device of the subtleties of the human emotion ,vulnerablity all fall into the great recipe of the Holocaust. The Natives American has been slaughtered 7x the magnitude of the Holocaust. Why we are not angry about that? Where is the fury? The money plays a role that's why.
    I do not believe in any of those labels. I see people as people, birds as brids & so on & soforth. Nobody , I cannot discuss more of my views with you as we don't have a meeting /feeling of the minds.
    Being nice & compassionate delivers me straigth to hell in your own perspective. Did you the a poll anpnymously if these self claimed virtues are truly speaks for all the people in this Forum .I doubt this very much.
    Here the coercion is xpressed in its finest. People who have different beliefs are ostracized of not being good,not being nice,not being compassionate etc...These alone speaks volumes of coercions. You don't conform with the majority ,hit the road. Where is the support? Its bogus. Some people comes here so they can express their power & control over others,& that probably makes their day to day diet.
    In my own world ,I do can make the world flat,square, triangle.as I wish. Am I crazy? Yes probably. But I like it that is who I am. The cosmonauts who went out the outerspace is not that sure ecither, got to read NASA. Bottom line is , respect,honor for human dignity.debate is over. respect,honor is not reversible.
    You also criticize my grammar that I should write gramatically correct. if you travel enough,the global language has revolutionalized since the informsssssstions superhighway. Along the process I am in adaptation mode to be understood in the globalization.
    And if ever my spelling is not grammatically correct does it dawn on you that my mind is working in shifts from right to left & vice versa ,without me knowing it. It is innate in me,I inherited that from my Dad,we are both leftee trying to conform the right handed world.
    See what I mean that we have no meeting of the minds,you are in the round earth ,I am not. I create my own universe & that someimes can lose my sanity. I just defy that any form of ideology shove on my throat & that does not makes sense to my limited mind,I have to discard it or explore more.

    Again if I have that basic point of offensive/niceness/cmpassion.I will be fumimg for telling me to Fuck myslef. It did not bother me one iota of bit'know why. Offensive ,insulting to me is in the mind of the speaker.It cannot penetrate me without my informed consent. Even so I guarantee it won't do nothing to his kind of words , I am totally immune to anything.

    I said enough,I am not giving the Jews a break until the Natives sufferings is equally honored. The human dignity will equtaes in itself.

    The Daydreamer is sleepy. Night night, sleepy now she comes.
    Nobody please cme back.......
  2. The U.S. government certainly does not show fair and equal treatment to American Indians/Native Americans, for if the U.S. Government did, then at least half of the U.S. government would consist of American Indians/Native Americans. The president certainly would not be an idiotic New Englander wanna-be Texan. The president would be a dignified, honorable American Indian/Native American man or woman. There would be justice and peace in the U.S., no stupid destructive foreign wars, fair taxes and trade without alot of the damaging job outsourcing, and many other improvements to the U.S.

    About the holocaust, there are internet websites which mention a system called Problem, Reaction, Solution, which global governments have used for many years in order to control and manipulate the population. If a government were to implement an ammendment to the constitution which would take away any amount of the population's freedom, it would cause an uproar of protest amongst the population. Instead, the government creates a scenario in which instills fear into the population, which the government claims is "enemy terrorism" and "if you aren't with us, you are against us". Yet, the government is sponsoring the terrorism in order to use it to scare the population. Then, when the population asks the government to protect them, the government offers the idea of what it wants to implement. The population, being terrified due to "terrorism", agrees with what the government wants to do. Ultimately, the government wins, the population loses. Have an idea which isn't accepted by people? Create a problem which will scare people into wanting what you offer, so you get your solution. Problem, Reaction, Solution. This is very likely to have been what occured during the holocaust. Many governments funded and supported Hitler, including governments who were supposedly enemies of Hitler. A man named Hutton Gibson (celebrity Mel Gibson's father) denies alot of the holocaust history. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hutton_Gibson
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  3. hammockmonkey

    hammockmonkey Well-Known Member

    so the jews are to blame for the native americans being killed? I thought that was the good ol' puritans and catholics? Oh, we should give them a pass and comform with the majority that blames the jews for everything.

    You say money plays a role. Time and media exposer are bigger roles. The truly horrific genocides that took place no one remembers, because they are all dead now. Few accounts exist that can describe what happened then. But, with the holocaust, we can see it. We can hear the survivors words we can even see the pile of bodies. Soldiers took film because they knew, rightly, that people wouldn't believe this if they didn't see it.

    when did the jews really become so bad? why are people so against them? because of chanukkah? oh, because "they have money and i don't." well the revolution will never come if you just go and riot to steal a television set.

    believe whatever you want. Martians gave eyptians the technology to build the pyramids. that nessie is about to strike! that the earth is really a giant glazed donut about to be eaten. Time will go backwards if the world spins the other way. that boldness is awesome. believe that the jews really killed jesus and the romans are inoccent. believe that malcolm x drove a cadillac and wanted to "throw sum Dees on it."
  4. Lady E

    Lady E Well-Known Member

    I am Jewish, I was raised in Israel and Palestine during the Intifada of the early 90's. It's pure and utter ignorance to claim that a race or a group fo people worship money. Most Jewish households in Israel make 20-30,000 USD less than the average American household.
    So why is it not okay for Jewish people to be rich and there isn't a thread about rich Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Wiccans, Buddhists?
    I'm Jewish and I'm not rich in fact in my entire family and Jewish community I don't know anyone who makes over 40,000 dollars a year.
    I don't care about money it's just an ignorant stereotype to claim that a certain ethnicity or religion worships money.

    On the topic of the Native American genocide it is something mourned by the Jewish people. Any forced loss of life in droves is unacceptable and despicable. The thought of the human suffering and suffering that is going on today in the Native American community is heart breaking.
    Why are you "not giving the Jews a break" instead of blaming America or Europe? In the late 1400's in Europe (while the Jews were being exiled and murdered in the Spanish Inquisition might I add) explorers discovered the America's bringing lot's of wonderful diseases with them and many wonderful things such as alcohol.
    Then when British Puritans colonized America tricking, forcing, killing many more Native Americans out of their homes. (Where were the Jews? Oh yes back in Europe still being persecuted but this time it was by the British)
    When American's killed and displaced all the Native Americans on the East coast they started "manifest destiny" displacing as many Native American's as they wished. Forcing them into death camps, giving them blankets filled with small pox, forcing them to cut their hair. Then giving them tiny reservations loaded with drugs and alcohol. Americans knew where their land was coming from, instead they convinced themselves that they were "savages" just as the Germans an Austrians convinced themselves that the homes and gifts they were being given for their loyalty was coming from the "greedy" jews
    The Native American genocide was really the Jews ideas!
    When Jewish people immigrated to America they were still subjected to Anti-semitism, lynchings, and burning down of synagogues and Jewish owned shops.
    Not until world war 2 when America and their red herring media wanted to make Hitler and the Nazis out to be the bad guys that's when they started to cover the holocaust. The Holocasut started in 1939 and didn't end until 1945! Did America intervene? No? Not until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. They knew about the holocaust and didn't do shit until Pearl Harbor was involved.
    If I'm correct wasn't Hutton Gibson a Catholic? and hmm let's look at Catholics stance of uninvolvement during the holocaust and furthermore he believed that 9/11 was caused by some Jews with a damned remote control.
    The Native American genocide is being swept under the rug by America because it's part of their "dark ignorant roots" along with the Japanese Internment camps, and stuff going on now like Guantanamo bay.
    So don't waste your time and energy saying how Jews only worship money and are unfairly rich. Why don't you look under the rug in which other countries including America have swept their dirty little secrets.
    We as Jews honor Native American's struggle and suffering just as we honor the suffering of our ancestors.
  5. ybt

    ybt Guest

    don't start arguing. if you do the thread will be closed
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