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ok so about 2 hours ago I took the first capsule of my new anti-depressant Cymbalta (Duloxetine). And now I feel like I want to puke my guts up. I've checked the side effects and nausea is listed as >=10% (as a side note, i always start taking drugs, before checking the side effects, so that I don't produce them out of hypercondria)

So... I'll talk to the doctor in the morning, maybe try one more to confirm that it's those causing it, but assuming the worst, then that was a short lived attempt and getting better.

So far I've had Prozac (Fluoxetine) - Made me feel a little better, for the most part got rid of suicidal feelings, but completly killed my sex drive.

Citalopram (don't know the american name) - at 20mg it was similar to the prozac, but sex drive was a little better, at 40mg it increased motivation without an equal increase in mood, drove me nuts, made me very angry, and probably is what led (or at least enabled) me to attempting suicide the last time.

Mirtazapine - Apart from them initially making me drowsy, I felt absolutly nothing from them whatsoever, no change in mood as far as I could tell.

and now this latest one which is making me sick, so my question is... have any of you been through a similar list, and have you found anything that works, picking the right drugs seems to be a process of just throwing a dart and seeing where is lands, so if anyone has had success with something not on my list, please tell me about it, cos when i go back to the doctor she's probably just going to ask me what I want to try next.



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I must be one of the fortunate few. I've been on Zoloft (sertraline hydrocloride) for several years and haven't had any serious problems. Have you tried that one? The only side effect I had when I started was mild nausea for a week or two but it went away. Yes, keep trying til you find one that works: helps you without making you sick.



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I saw the doctor today and she said that the nausea should go away after about a week, and also to try taking it after eating as a full stomach can help pad it better, so i've just taken it about 10 mins ago - after eat late, so far so good, a bit early to tell yet tho. I'd be interested to try Effexor as i think it could work well on me, but apparently GPs aren't supposed to prescribe it any more so I have to see a shrink and see if he reccomends it.


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I've tried a list of anti-depressants thats even longer than your's & even includes Effexor, eventually I was prescribed Cymbalta......
Please don't give up easily with Cymbalta, it truly has been a life saver for me! The first drug that has worked, I too had quite severe nausea in the beginning but it soon settled & talking it after a meal helps.
Good luck, hope it works out for you too.

Take care :hug: xx

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