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Received a call last night . . .

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I received a call from a friend last night. He has not been doing that great. He has been depressed over the last several months, since the loss of his father, and even somewhat before that. It seems his girlfriend agitates his situation every couple of weeks, which is what I believe has pushed him over the edge.

The call I received last night was to inform me that he would be committing suicide. I have had some minor experiences with friends and suicide in the past, but this situation seems much more difficult. From my friend's perspective, life is too difficult to continue. He is sick of the arguing with his girlfriend, sick of his circumstances in life, and feels he has reached a point in his life where he has been "defeated" and live is no longer worth living. No matter what I say, no matter how much I try to convince him not to do this, he has convinced himself that life is too difficult to live and that is his standard response to just about anything I might say to him. I feel that if I could get him past this misconception, further healing and movement forward could be possible. Any advice for someone who thinks life is too difficult to live? Thanks to anyone who might reply.
Well...you could advise that he comes here? I know that talking about it has helped me, and a lot of others here...
Beyond that, I think all you can do is be there for him if he needs you. That is a wildly underestimated gift.
Good luck.
He doesn't have a computer, otherwise I would advise him to come here, among other places. I will continue to be there for him as much as possible. Thanks for the advice.
Something else . . . is the 800-SUICIDE number confidential. In other words, will there ever come a point where an ambulance could arrive at his home, if I could get him to call there.
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