Recent poems, could be triggering.

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  1. Drowning in your love

    This love I'm drowning in,
    mistaken from the beginning,
    thrown away and torn apart,
    right from the start.

    This broken heart never to heal,
    but my lips are forever sealed,
    screaming inside,
    but these feelings can never hide.

    I still feel the love for you,
    but you never will, never too,
    alone, lost, hiding from this,
    but I will still forever wish,
    that we could be together,

    My passions fire burns on and on,
    but yours is eternally gone,
    lost for me,
    but you just cannot see,
    I'm drowning in your love,
    even though it may seem wrong,
    may seem impossible,
    but I will forever,
    be drowning in your love...

    ED trigger, no title.

    I stare in the mirror,
    I look at the fat,
    I feel the tears,
    I despise all that.

    I try to cut,
    to cut the fat,
    the fat I see,
    upon me.

    All else fails,
    must resort to it,
    cannot prevent,
    cannot quit.

    Starving, purging,
    continues day to day,
    the pain continues,
    not to go away.

    The weight disappears,
    but where from?
    I stare at the reflection,
    I don't see it gone.

    I see I am fatter than all else,
    I see I am uglier than my own sister,
    I see I am inperfect in every way,
    as I go into public, I feel a thousand glares.

    I wish to be thin,
    I wish to be pretty,
    I wish to be perfect,
    but I don't wish to be me.

    For one of my best friends

    I was scared,
    alone and broken,
    but he never left,
    he'd stay with me hours on end.

    I'm so grateful I have you,
    a special, precious friend,
    I will never forget,
    even at the end.

    You and me have such great fun,
    even with my mum!
    through smiles and tears,
    you'd stay near.

    But now I'm too be gone,
    I just hope and wish,
    that you'll be okay,
    while I'm forever away.

    I love you so much,
    I care for you too,
    I'm sorry for all I do,
    I guess I loose.

    I'll always love you Jack,
    I'll always care,
    I'll always remember you,
    no matter what I am, or where.

    No title, but triggering

    Times when we were together felt so right,
    but now I see no light,
    the glimpse of it has disappeared,
    the end for me is getting near.

    Me and you I want to be true,
    but now that dream has washed away,
    I lay here crying, thinking,
    so selfish I was, I must pay.

    I miss you truly,
    it feels like something has stabbed my heart,
    I hold this blade in my hand,
    preparing myself to be torn apart.

    Turning the music up, just a bit more,
    tears form and speed down my skin,
    the blade I hold drags itself against my wrist,
    the voices say over and over, 'I win'.

    The fight is over,
    I lay still, stone cold,
    blood splashing everywhere,
    I fade away and leave this world.

    Um, that is it for now, I've done too much, I hate reading back on poetry... brings back flashbacks. :(

    Anyway, ehm, *slowly walks away*...
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