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  1. Andrew, you are,
    my best friend,
    here for me,
    hours on end.

    Comforting me,
    when I'm down,
    making me giggle,
    when I've a frown.

    There for me,
    you always are,
    never leaving,
    you're such a star.

    I love you dearly,
    of course, as a friend,
    you offer me a shoulder,
    to lean on whenever.

    We joke around,
    we have some fun,
    we have arguements,
    but even if they last long,
    we always make up,
    I guess I have alot of luck,
    if I have you,
    and you have me too.

    Forever friends,
    we always will be,
    I hope you never leave,
    that you'll never leave me.


    Clinging to that rope,
    the rope I have left,
    all others disappeared,
    leaving me for death.

    The rope almost breaking,
    tears I shred,
    feeling the hot tears down my cheeks,
    wondering how I was led,
    led to this end.

    As I hold on tighter,
    the rope gets thinner,
    the strings break,
    soon, I'm no longer to be here.

    It snaps,
    I fall,
    I scream and cry,
    I try to call,
    no one hears,
    I'm left,
    abandoned to die.


    One sip, and another,
    leading to,
    my speech, it begins to stutter,
    the voices win, and I loose.

    Drinking, drinking,
    more and more,
    sinking, lower and lower,
    just like before.

    The taste is horrid,
    feeling like I'm going to be sick,
    I sit here,
    holding my stomach,
    head spinning,
    around and round,
    every little sound,
    pounds my head,
    any tiny thing that is said,
    echos throughout my brain,
    I think,
    how did I end up like this?
    drinking, cutting, overdosing,
    attempting to die,
    telling all these lies,
    why do I do this?
    how did I end up like this?
    I ask myself,
    over and over,
    and I never find out the answer...
    it remains unknown,
    and as I sit here alone,
    I remain thinking, pondering the question,
    again... and again...
    but the answer, I have never found...
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