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    I have been suffering on/off depression for too long now. It has struck again about a month ago and since then I have been a total recluse. I won't answer the phone, read e-mails and stay in all the time. I am a shadow of myself. My Sister thinks I may be bipolar as when I am not depressed I am quite loud and make lots of mistakes with money etc. I feel so uncomfortable in my own skin and am not coping very well. I keep having thoughts of suicide as everyday is like groundhog day. I hate going to sleep as I know the panic inside of me when I wake up is horrible. The mornings seem to be the worst for me...I dread these:sad:
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    I usually don't post in threads like these unless I've spoken to the OP before, but recently I've decided all I have to offer is being someone people can talk to if they would like.

    I feel uncomfortable typing generic things since that's all I can come up with :anony:.

    Anyways, by all means feel free to PM (private message) me and talk. Would love to. xx
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    I well relate to you.. I have isolated myself to my room for over twenty years.. I only come out when I have to..I have found friends here on the forum..This is where my life is now..Do what you can to get outside.. Just go for a walk or go to a park and people watch..Thats what I did when I started getting out of the house again.. Then I was able to start going places early in the morning..I do that now.. I make all my appointments for early in the mornings..
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