Recommend me an IBS friendly weekly diet please!

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    Hello, I'll keep this short, I suffer from depression and also irritable bowel (IBS). I think that having a regular routine will help me manage depression, and having regular meals of boring and plain food will help me manage IBS.

    Can anyone recommend me a weekly diet plan? There' so many 'healthy diets' out there on the internet, I'm struggling to find one that will help me.

    Basically, I want to run my life like boot-camp, I get 3 square meals a day, only at specific times, of boring unflavoursome but healthy and nutritious food. I need to be really hard on myself because it's the only way I stick to things, if I see it as some sort of punishment!

    I'm not vegetarian, and whilst I want only minimal cooked food, I'm not after a full raw food diet. Also wanting to avoid any processed foods.

    Obviously nobody reading this will know what I can or cannot eat, but if there is just something out there I could use as a guide to develop my own routine that would be really really useful, thank you :)
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    Hi, Ed.. The best thing is to ask your doctor for a diet plan or ask for a referral to a dietician/nutritionist who can provide a diet plan. I agree with you that a good routine and diet will help, but I don't feel qualified to give you specific advice. I hope you do speak with your doctor and get a plan in place. :)
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    Doctor is useless :(
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    Hey there, I suffer with my stomach a lot, have major pain, inflammation, IBS symptoms, inflammatory bowel disease. The internet is great for a lot of things but you could also find the wrong advice not written by a health professional. I agree a healthy routine diet is needed. I would ask the person who diagnosed you with IBS to give you a plan or the do's and dont's.

    Sorry you're struggling, I've been struggling with my stomach for a long time. I would give you advice but since I'm still in the process of getting more tests I won't, it really is best to get the advice from a nurse or doctor. Good luck to you :)

    Edit: I just saw your second post here saying the doctor is useless! Ask your nurse then, if that does not help ask your pharmacist, you have lots of options =)