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    i tend to relate to a lot of things im a fan of rather than writing about myself in general so i wrote a few poems about the video game Portal by Valve. the title of this is based off a song in Portal 2

    the first is a second person narrative from GLaDOS, the antagonist

    You're a middle aged woman
    With a strained voice
    And worry lines

    You never wanted to live forever
    In fact, you wanted to die
    When your time came

    You're the bane of artificial intelligence--
    Angry, murderous, mysterious.
    And you won't let them touch you.

    You only crave science.
    All you need
    Is a little neurotoxin

    You're alone in this facility
    Because you murdered the rest--
    But what other choice did you have?

    You're a passive aggressive woman
    With an artificial voice
    And wire lines

    the next is a first person narrative of the main character, Chell

    Exile takes my mind again, and
    If I could talk
    I'd tell you how much
    You make me hate myself

    But I haven't spoken in so long
    That I'm not sure if
    I could muster the courage to;
    Or if I still have a voice.

    I'm not even sure what a smile is,
    Being so long since I've seen human lips
    And it hurts to try
    To move my face.

    Of course, what doesn't hurt
    When you belong to science--
    No longer your own person
    No matter how hard you fight it.

    Oh, I meant so much, and
    If I could talk
    I'd tell you how much
    You make me hate myself.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.