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Empathy Only Recovering, yet struggling

So its 2020, about two years since I've posted in here for the first time. I have went trough a lot of struggles durring that time - relationships, drug addiction, anxiety, financial instability etc. I went back to uni only to fail my 1st year baddly due to feeling anxious when interacting socially. After that I finally broke down to the point I couldn't deal with it and I talk to my family more honest about it, I went to a psychiatrist. I'm now recovering slowly - taking antidepresants, going to work ( starting my 4th month of continues employement ). I still deal with financial issues brought to me by irresponsible spendings of a depressed drug addict. I have managed to stay 100% clean for about two months then I relapse after the outbrake started and I was put on a forced leave for a month, and after that I only got 50% of my hours. And I took a pretty bad loans durring that time. I owe the lending company 2700zl or about 800$ till tomorow. My salary is not comming earlier then 26th June. I'm afraid I might go broke again, relapse and lose my job as I can't pay it in time.
I know most of you won't trust me enaugh to borrow me the 800$ to pay it off, and its a quite a lot of money. I have nothing of value to sell, no way to get my salary earlier, no option for a loan from a bank, and my relatives have been also hit financialy by the outbrake.


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Have you called them and explained this? You may be able to get a time extension somehow if you talk to them and let them know when you'll be getting paid.

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