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Recovery experience

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hey guys^^
since a few weeks i go to see my psychologist weekly and according to her and to my own perception i make good progress.
At first i felt stupid doing my exercises and stuff...but actually they work!
I was scared of the therapy because she asked me to think about if i was willing to change aspects of this catch-22 in order to get out of it. (we had worked out a map op feelings, perceptions, thoughts and habits that shows up the circle)
I wasn't in fact...but then she told me, that what she wanted to change weren't my habits, but my thoughts. So I wasn't too scared anymore.
And yeah...works pretty well^^
Still loosing weight and stuff...but i feel better and somehow i feel like eating becomes more comfortable to me and i even agreed to try to reduce the times i weight myself (^-^)b
I'm kind of proud, you see xD

Does someone of you maybe want to share his or her experiences with eating disorder treatment?

I've started a therapy before when I was about 14...but because of self harm and depression but me and my therapist didn't get along with each other. it was no help at all ~.~

So yeah...what do you think about therapies?

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glad to hear you therapist and you are working so well together and you are feeling better. My T also wants to work with my thinking change it a bit up Hope you continue to do so well hugs
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