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Recurring Nightmare

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I used to occasionally have this dream, from a few years ago up till quite recently, involving my mother and her boyfriend. Now, first off let me just say that I'm not very fond of this man. The dreams were always a little varied, but followed the same general plot. Usually, her boyfriend, (we'll call him L.) would be there, always huge and generally scary-looking, and often out to harm me in some way. Usually he'd be chasing me, and I unable to run or to find a sufficient hiding place. One dream that is most prominent in my mind also features my mother. In this one, I overhear L. talking to some unknown person, and mentioning something along the lines of killing/otherwise hurting my mom. He spies me eavesdropping and grabs me, threatening me not to say a word to anyone, that nobody will believe me, ect. ect. So, of course, I disobey and rush off to warn my mother that we're both in danger. She laughs in my face and tells me to stop being silly. Then, surprise, surprise, in bursts L., striking a menacing pose and saying something along the lines of "I warned you not to say anything...". So the next thing I remember is breaking a glass window and finding myself in my old house, with my mom, my brother sleeping safely in his room, and I notice a large purple stain on the carpet. Still don't know what, if anything, this signifies. All I remember is a very acute sense of fear, and protectiveness of my family. That's the majority of that dream, and the others aren't as clear in my mind. They've stopped coming, for the most part, due to recent happenings, but I always found it a bit strange to not only have a dislike of this guy, but to go so far as to make him the villian in my subconscious. Any thoughts? :unsure:


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Hmm.. sounds a bit scary.. Id be careful of him if i was you, and let your mum know that hes not your favourtie pesron in the world but that you accept him as apart of her life.. Good luck x
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