Red is Not the Colour of Love

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    Red is Not the Colour of Love

    Curdles and falls
    It’s been sometime since my gloved hand has graced these legitimised halls
    Mottled and bottled, devil suction leaves it's visible marks
    Faith and trust, humanity- it surely tears apart
    Little by little, in the centre of that bulbous theatre of cruelty
    You’ll find me there, shackled and defeated
    Void of beauty

    Mountains and mountains of life and cover
    Are sought after in equal bother
    Yet neither chalice is ever truly within reach
    A lesson in hapless constraints, you’d no idea I could teach
    For these the children of the dark side of red,
    There never is anywhere but bed,
    A drifting prism, finite dreams
    To escape the reality
    To smother the sound
    Of daily screams

    I wish I could walk with my eyes closed
    To stand and strike an extravagant pose
    The truth is sadder and runs much deeper
    Than glamour or style or avant-garde clothes
    For extremity you all should take note
    Is not a call or cause to joke
    When faced with the burden of redness’ yoke
    Forced perfection,
    A glittering despair, bespoke

    ~ Muffin
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    your words say so much
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