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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by amroth, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. amroth

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    Hello my friend it has been too long,
    Since I have felt I must belong.
    A fire stirs all inside,
    Killing me slowly, fretfully scarred.
    I feel a glint of peace and sorrow,
    All alone I must be bothered.

    Confined to ponder my wicked thoughts,
    All I feel is used and borrowed.
    Help me now for I am followed.
    I look into this mirror all is hallowed.
    My face and tears all too narrow.

    I’d love to say I’ve felt your touch.
    For I cannot feel my own.
    Alone in life is all I see,
    Underneath my dying sea.
    Take me now for I am done.
    Scorn in life is all I’ve become.

    Lessons feared I can’t begin,
    All together I live in here.
    I have seen the faded truth,
    Inside this hangman’s noose.
    All crimes all forgotten,
    Never hear another whimper,
    Just all distorted whispers,
    For the meal has begun.

    The fate of those who choose this path,
    Lies beneath the painted laws.
    Distorted and contorted the way we see fit.
    For all are righteous in the eyes of yourself,
    Looking through the glass, into those eyes.
    I feel alone who can help?
  2. expressive_child

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    Another amazing poem..I really like your style of writing and the way you express your emotions. Sometimes I am not sure how to describe but when I read your poems, I feel moved by it! I don't just read it...I like many poems but I can't feel all of them (if you understand what I mean), but when I read yours, I can really feel every word.

    And I can definitely relate too, more or less and I can see that we might have a lot more in common than we thought. Keep writing, I will look forward to reading more of your poems! :smile:
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