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We all look, but how many really see?
Who notices the leaf that's caught in the tangles of grass?
Who sees the promise in something damaged and broken?
Who sees the mask one wears to cover pain?
I watch, I observe, and I see. but do you?
That woman down the street masks alcohol with perfume,
that child playing outside is weary about bumping a bruise.
That cat sniffs around looking for a meal.
And here I sit, looking for a way to avoid what I see when I look at myself.
My reflection.
Am I there?
Does anyone see me?


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That's a nice poem and I'd reply in rhyme, if I had the time, or inclination to help define.

Seriously though, you have a sensitivity and insight into things - people will see you, or hear you or read you.

Good luck in that regard and I hope you can put the prozac bottle down sooner than later when your feeling tip top or as near as.

Sometimes in the gutter is going up in the world!

Hopefully not for you or other members or visitors!
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