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For the past couple of weeks I was starting to feel better from group therapy despite my medication not working. Today I had an anxiety attack, and my depression came back in full force. I feel as if weeks of therapy had become undone in an afternoon. I feel like I'm so worthless and this world would be better off without me. I considered swallowing all my pills. I afraid of telling anyone because I don't want to go back to a mental hospital. My depression is getting worse with time and nobody seems to listen. Everybody thinks I'm getting better. Right not it feels completely hopeless. I feel that since I've been depressed for so long that its caused permanent damage to myself.

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Hi with therapy things will get worse before they get better hun. You are bring all that pain to the surface so you can examine it and find best ways to cope to deal with it and to finally let it go. You talk to your therapist okay let know that sessions are triggering you okay maybe next session won't be as hard hugs
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