Regret vs tendencies

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Bob26003, Sep 16, 2008.

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  1. Bob26003

    Bob26003 Well-Known Member

    ie learning from our mistakes vs. bound by innate characteristics that determine (tendencies)

    And, the usefulness of regret.

    You thoughts please :smile:

    TY... All well thought out responses will be much appreciated :)
  2. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    I don't think anyone is "bound" by anything. We all have tendencies, but it is our ability to change and rise above these tendencies (assuming they are harmful ones) that makes us human and therefore capable of change. Of course, this takes discipline, but discipline is something that can be studied and learned. So the real question becomes, "How does one learn self-discipline?", and I think that regret can be VERY useful in establishing self-discipline, although I wouldn't ALWAYS characterize this feeling as regret (the wish that we had never done something) so much as remorse, because I think that the term "remorse" implies a certain acceptance of what one has done while nonetheless learning from our mistakes.
  3. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    Hey Bob. Long time no see old chap. I think that the important thing is to learn from our mistakes, otherwise we're bound to repeat them. Some people learn from other people's mistakes too. For example, when I watch Intervention, I see a lot of people struggling with addictions and I know that I would never want to live like that. How is life with you Bob? I hope that Mcain doesn't win in november, but I think he's currently leading the polls.
  4. jam1e

    jam1e Guest

    My biggest regret is that a few years ago i told my wife i didn't love her when i knew inside i truly did. I was very ill at the time and didn't know my own mind.
    The hurt in her eyes still haunts me today!!
    I have been trying to make her feel secure ever since!
    I don't think she will ever truly believe i will never leave her, (I won't!) but i always try and convince her anyhow.
    The biggest regret of my life!!!!:sad:
  5. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Know what, I'd print that out and show it to her.
    Moved me to tears.
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