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  1. chrism67

    chrism67 Well-Known Member

    Ive had this plan for two years. Now ive been

    visiting the place . Bringing the blades.and thinking about the big picture. I am off of meds and my doc has been on vacation and pretty non existant. I told my therapist. He wanted to admit me. He knows all the other symptoms. To many to list here. I was able to get him to say no for now. But he wants daily check ins . I dont know what thatwill do. If i can figure out my kids and where they will go im gone. Just cant stay anymore.
  2. Gemini1313

    Gemini1313 Member

    What's going on in life? What has got you so down? Two years is a long ass time for a plan.. and what would you your kids do without you? Call your shrink, maybe talking here or to him will help you?

    I'm currently in the same situation, minus the kids, you sound to be in..maybe I can help you and vice versa??
Thread Status:
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