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Discussion in 'Self Care and Healthy Lifestyles' started by Anam_Cara, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Anam_Cara

    Anam_Cara Well-Known Member

    :mellow: i am skeptical about many things and was about this form of alternative healing before i experienced it's miraculous abilities in person and became a level 2 practitioner..

    to sum up my past 10 years ive been in chronic pain diagnosed with Chrons disease, a herniated disc in my spine, knee problems that required surgery and have left me in chronic pain, high blood pressure which i was on meds for was running 180/115 when i was relaxed, my immune system was SHOT, all anyone would have to do would be look at me and i got sick, severe anxiety disorder, emotional blocks (wasnt able to express my emotions freely), with the exception of the latter i was in constant pain for 10 solid years.. docs had me on muscle relaxers, pain killers, they tried EVERYTHING to get rid of the pain i was having and failed.. most every night was spent leaning against a wall screaming and crying from the pain of the chrons, and my back issues made it impossible to function.. and there was the other issues the blood pressure, my immune system and anxiety.. NOTHING western medicine did helped me.. a friend suggested that i study on Reiki healing and i was skeptical... but i looked into it and found it intriguing.. Reiki can never harm you, you can never get too much Reiki energy, it has no side effects like medications do, and from what i was reading it had been known to bring about miracle cures.. i was desperate! wanted to learn to do Reiki myself for both my own healing IF it worked and to try to bring some healing to a relative with cancer.. through a miraculous chain of events i was accepted into a class (even though i had no money the teachers made special arrangements with me) and in may i attended the certification spent two days learning how Reiki works and being attuned to it. I am now a certified level 2 practitioner and will NEVER regret going to take this class... i can personally swear by the healing that Reiki can bring.. those two days i was at the class the students gave eachother reiki as practice, we each had two sessions and two atunements by our Reiki masters. Reiki is not simply TAUGHT in a way you can go and read a book and wow instant Reiki practitioner.. it is unique in that it can only be taught by a Reiki master teaching the student hands on.. the reason being is because it is unique in healing methods.. the Reiki energy is awakened in the student by the master through a process called atunement, it can NOT be taught any other way, it is essentially passed down in the atunements, which awaken the student to the Reiki energy.. there is no other way to learn it.. no home study course, just teacher awakening the energy in the student.. anyway after the atunements and the two sessions i received i noticed that the symptoms of the chrons and ALL the pain in my body started fading.. by the 2nd day after the sessions it was completely gone.. now this ISNT a fluke.. ive suffered this for 10 years solid without a break in it, 24/7 , 365 days a year.. well ive been free of the pain in my back, knees, and from the chrons now for almost 2 months solid.. my immune system has recovered amazingly.. my whole family who i was in contact with the whole time living in the same home ALL got strep infections (technically i should have as my 10 year old was drinking out of my glass even when i told her NOT to :mad:) but i was the ONLY one who escaped the strep infection and that is a true miracle :blink: the way my immune system was over the last few years i had strep repeatedly, every time i went out and spent time in public i came home with a throat infection.. after doing self treatments and having another do reiki on me it managed to bypass me and affect everyone else in the house...NOW my family is begging me to do Reiki for them to prevent such things or fend them off LOL guess it's kind of made believers of them too seeing whats happened with me.. My grandad has been bugging me to Reiki EVERYTHING! job situations etc.. and he is Mr.I Don't Believe ANYTHING... blood pressure wise i am officially no longer on the medication since i returned from the reiki certification.. my bp is down to 120/85 and im under alot of stress! my doctor shook his head and said whatever im doing to KEEP doing it and i just grinned and said i do reiki self treatments and receive them from a friend who does it.. im also now off my anti anxiety meds... i was having several attacks a day before learning to relax with reiki and meditation.. and do the treatments.. i was on both ativan and xanax before hand.. now i am off both and coping much better.. went from having several attacks a day down to maybe one or two a week and those i can control..

    :blink:now i am a TRUE skeptic but this is absolutely amazing and i HAVE to share this with everyone on the HEAL board.. ive dealt with western medicine for 10 years and had no luck.. gave alternative healing/ Reiki a try and ive got my life back.. and YES my emotional blocks are gone.. im healing emotionally and am able to expression my emotions now where as it was difficult before..

    some of the uses for Reiki are:

    Medical issues/physical healing, Emotional healing, healing relationships, coping with stress, relaxation, healing issues in our past, overcoming addictions, overcoming learning disabilities, losing weight, depression, anxiety, lending energy to any job or project we're working on, its good for people, animals and plants, YES you can have reiki done on your pets too! This form of healing is a TRUE miracle and i can not say enough about it.. i have been doing distance sessions for those im close to and they are reporting improvements too..

    Has anyone else here had any experience with Reiki? :blink: It's made a believer out of a complete skeptic..
  2. protonaut

    protonaut Well-Known Member

    I don't have experience with Reiki, but I found a site offering information on classes here.

    The class in the above link is asking for this amount: " Tuition total $350;
    non-refundable deposit $150 reserves your space ($200 balance due at class)"

    This bothers me. Why is it that so many alternative healing methods are romanticized as being highly effective, natural, simple to learn, and yet they charge people non-refundable deposits? I mean, if this is truly as miraculous and as simple to learn as people claim, and if these people are truly caring, and if it has the means to end so much suffering in the world, why can't we be offering this for free?

    I apologize if this site isn't a good representation of the Reiki you're referring to, but everything I've read so far leads me to believe this is a scam. There are too many people in this world exploiting sick people for their money. I just don't think it's right to make people pay in the hope of ending pain and suffering that many have to endure their entire lives.

    The effectivity of these techniques I can't rightly judge, though I would not personally consider paying for such classes without at least being allowed to experience the program as a free trial beforehand to prove that it is beneficial.
  3. kittyD

    kittyD Well-Known Member

    I've experienced a form of Reiki and it is quite amazing.
    I've also seen and heard of master levels costing 2000+.
    you can go and get a treatment from any practicioner before deciding to take the classses yourself. I realize there are a huge amount of scams in the altheal field.
    As in anything, buyer beware, do your homework, get educated, make a informed decision.
  4. Anam_Cara

    Anam_Cara Well-Known Member

    Protonaut, the link you sent is for the very good people who certified me for Reiki... i spent two days with them, and i paid nothing down for my tuition.. they are working with my financial situation because i have NO money at present but badly needed the classes to help myself and others.. i can vouch 100% for their morals, they are not scamming anyone.. their words were, the most important thing is having the Reiki healing training when you need it.. definitely that center is NOT out to scam anyone.. i do agree there are alot of people who do scam others and ive run into PLENTY before finding that couple... in fact they run free reiki shares one day a week in the evening, people come to the center and there are free reiki shares, individuals versed in the method give free sessions so people can determine if its something they want to continue doing.. i think they are amazing and wonderful people cant say enough about them.. they gave me my LIFE back... and they were NOT consumed with money at all.. couldnt find two better lightworkers who truly DO care about humanity and helping them heal.

    as for charging for Reiki classes i think it's 50/50... before everyone jumps down my throat let me explain.. first off Reiki is a serious commitment, and has to be taken seriously.. it is not something one indulges in halfheartedly or lightly... students at a community college or college who learn to be doctors have to pay their way through medical school dont they? it's the world we live in.. and although i hate the fact money rules our existence sadly it does.. but what can be done is those who give a service be FAIRLY compensated for their time.. okay what i mean by that... Reiki takes energy and time, it takes connecting with another, and honestly it's a known fact that people tend to not take something as serious if they are merely given it for free.. even the reiki master who FOUNDED the method started off doing it for free and found that those who kept coming back were not actually trying to improve because they took for granted what he was offering for free.. he began charging for it.. and they began taking the healings serious... NOW i am not saying it's okay to charge gross amounts of money, there are individuals who a healer KNOWS they need to work with and money doesnt come into the picture... Reiki is not SIMPLE to learn Protonaut, it's not something one can learn from a self help book, it's nothing something you can take an online course for.. it is UNIQUE amongst healing methods in that it is passed down to the student by a Reiki master through a process called atunment.. Atunement is the process of the student having the Reiki energy awakened in them by the master. Basically the energy is breathed and infused into the student in a specific way and it's both a beautiful and personal experience..

    my point in all of this is, i see nothing wrong with charging for a service if it is not grossly outrageous.. now what is grossly outrageous is psychic mediums i wont mention names but ive seen some charge 700.00 for an hour.. and there are many who DO charge those kind of fees..

    a minimal charge is perfectly acceptable and i personally will NEVER turn down an individual who is in need of help on the basis of money.. i've done many Reiki sessions already and not charged a dime for it.. even though i have NO money myself.. those who do this as a path in life and have NO other means of income should be allowed to be compensated in SOME way be it donation, reiki shares (two people trained in reiki sending back and forth in exchange).. is it not fair for the practitioner to be compensated in some way? and i am NOT someone who thinks of money constantly.. god knows i am a humble individual with NO job at present, no money and ive lost everything... i COULD charge a huge fee, problem solved but i have something called integrity and morals.. something ALL healers should put FIRST... yes there are scammers out there, lots of them, but there are also very genuine people like the couple you linked and myself...

    and as a practitioner i am ALWAYS willing to first allow someone to experience a session for free, to see if it is something that can help them.. :biggrin:please dont judge the majority of Reiki practitioners by the ones who are out to make a quick buck.. there are some of us who are out to HELP others
  5. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    Reiki is a form of body energy healing. You're essentially 'unlocking' the dormant energy that is available inside of each and everyone of us. And once you've learned how to do the attunements, you can basically cure yourself and others from common physical ailments. Now don't expect reiki to help you regrow an amputated limb or something like that, but it will definitely help you to live a happier and healthier life, as SJEverheart has found.

    Reiki is real and it is worth trying if you are suffering from an illness that isn't being helped with pharmaceutical drugs. Just shop around for a good reiki master who isn't going to charge you an arm and a leg for the attunements. But be careful, reiki attunements have the potential of awakening your kundalini shakti, which can be dangerous.
  6. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Why can awakening your kundalini shakti be dangerous?

    I tried Reiki once and it was kind of relaxing but that's all it did for me. Part of me was really ready for it, but on some level I was still unopen to allowing energy to flow freely and to heal, so that's probably why it didn't work for me.
  7. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    Do a google search on 'Kundalini Crisis' and see what comes up. A lot of people try to awaken their kundalini shakti through meditation, yoga, reiki or other energy techniques without any knowledge of what this could potentially do to them. I have awakened my kundalini shakti after meditating every night for the past 6 years, so I'm speaking from experience.

    It has made my life much more difficult, but it has also been a blessing. But I've spent time on a kundalini forum and others have had many complications. It can get really painful at times and I wouldn't recommend someone trying to awaken it without knowing the risks involved. Unfortunately, many people with kundalini become suicidal, because it can be hard to cope with. A person who is suicidal and trying to awaken kundalini is a very bad combination.