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    I made the appointment to see a PCP asking to see a different one as my last doctor lied to me and got caught in it and when I mentioned it to him he got mean. Now I find out that he has dismissed me from the practice as a patient and that means I cant see any doctor there. The office wont give me a reason other than it was the Doctors choice, is this retaliation for me complaining about his behavior? Should I just let Doctors treat me badly so that way I get treatment?
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    That is very unfortunate. Sounds childish. I hope you can find a doctor somewhere else :hug:
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    No hun you dont need to stand for that treatment. Dont know about the USA but in Canada all doctors have a board that they must answer to and any concerns a patient has can be directed to the board and things are investigated. You have the right to be treated properly and the right to care from a doctor. Dont let this stop you, look into who you need to speak to and dont back down!!! Good luck.
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    We found the local board and printed off the complaint form. Angel filled it in and sent it in. Turns out this is the same doc that used him as a guinea pig for medication and thats why he wont go to the doctors.

    The good news is that the pdoc decided that my meds aren't working and changed my meds. So now Im on prozac and trazadone(I think thats how its spelt(angel keeps my meds))
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    Glad to hear you are getting things worked out and have the support behind you to do so. :hug:
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    Thats great news hun :)

    I hope everything works out for you :hug:

    I am here if you ever need to talk!
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    I'm so happy to hear that things are happening for you. When it comes to your own health and peace of mind dont back down hun.