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  1. Painttheskyred

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    In the last year since i've been going out with my girlfriend we've had our ups and downs with each other and her family, and nothing comes close to the pain i've indured and the insults i've taken from her family.
    Nothing would make me happier than to get on with them, but its completely impossible. They dont stand to reason, countless times we've both asked to come up and the answer we always get is we'll see (we'll see).
    Im not been funny, but this has been going on for the last five months maybe even longer and in the past year i have only met them once.
    Just before me and zoe got together it was a long distance relationship and i was living by myself at the time and was finding it hard to provide for myself as i was severly depressed and down and im pretty sure her parents saw this as me using zoe for money.
    Everything ive wrote so far in this thread has already been explained too them by me. Zoe's brother is the worst out of the three of them, he has countlessly slagged me off and said i was perfetic, because i didnt want to be left on my own. I find it very hard staying by myself for a day sometimes even an hour bymyself can reduce me to tears. Zoe's parents wanted to spend her birthday with her considering i have never spent a birthday with the women thats carrying my child i would like to. I was called perfetic for not wanting to stay by myself whilest she went up for her birthday when it was clearly stated to them that she could go and see them a day or two afterwards. I mean its not even up to me its up to her, but it sounds to me as though her parents are guilt tripping her into coming up. Her mums already set for me to failas a father, because she's already buying loads of baby items. Im not asking for anyone to tell me what to do, im asking for some one to open up too me let me know how they feel that me and her have been treated. It would be easy for me to ignore them, but i have a feeling i could end up loosing my girlfriend through the manipulation of her mother, father and brother and if that happens it wudnt take two seconds for me to kill myself.
    As the situation stands i feel very very low on the matter (infact) i feel like dirt and no doubt will self-harm tonight due to the scheming of her mother father and brother. My partner has seen this for herself yet she still remains blind to it.:sad: :sad: :sad:

    From Tony
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    Hi Tony,

    I'm so sorry you're having to put up with all this from her family...the way they are treating you isn't right at all. They have no right to judge you when they haven't even given you a chance to get to know you, and they should be thinking about what their daughter wants and what's going to make her happy. If she wants to spend her birthday with you then they should understand that. What right do they have to make assumptions about you when they've only ever met you once? I can't stand people who think they know what's best for others when they're not even interested enough to get to know the people involved. What does Zoe think about all this? Doesn't she understand what they're doing to you? I hope you can show them how wrong they are by being a good father Tony, and i'm sure you will be. Sounds like she's lucky to have you.

    Take care and I hope you can prove them wrong :hug:
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