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  1. tkwu

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    so i've been seeing a boy in my building ever since a friend let me know he was "interested". he was very sweet and made me less lonely, but then i made sexual advances and he completely rejected me saying he wouldn't want to "rush things".. it sounds nice enough but now i can't get a hold of him since, he has backed away and i am again very lonely. i should learn to be self-sufficient i know, but rejection certainly doesn't help when u are already depressed
  2. total eclipse

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    Just give him space probably not ready for the whole sex thing just wanted a friend for now
  3. cult logic

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    Honestly a guy(young guy anyway) will usually jump at the first chance to do anything sexual, unless they are not interested or have some sort of beliefs against it.

    He might have just wanted a platonic relationship, or he might just genuinely not be ready for that type of thing. You of course are a better judge of that than any one of us, as you know.

    If he's backed off then give him some space, if he is interested he will come around.

    If not, just try and do your best to move on, I know it's hard but try not to take anything to heart.
  4. Tray

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    i dont speak for all guys but i can say i dont always consider sex some deep emotional thing but a "recreational activity". Its fun so im up for it whenever.

    That being sad when i do meet some one im trully interested in, sex isnt on my mind at all. Not that i dont want to but that i perfer to just enjoy the person and build relations before doing anything further. Plus i find women that like to wait a while before becoming sexual far more attractive.

    So maybe he is just taking his time. Be patient. Also it doesnt hurt to ask. If he is uncomfortable talking about it then he is just not ready.
  5. 1izombie

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    hmmm its hard not to take it personally cause rejection hurts/sucks but he clearly liked hanging with u and enjoyed ur company but its his own issues that made him distance and has nothing to do with u. to echo what was said before give him space to deal with it and hopefully things will work out. If not dont be to hard on urself...
  6. tkwu

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    thanks all of you, i appreciate your honesty
  7. Scum

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    I think you need to talk to him. I hear that you feel rejected but actually there could be so much more to this than you're aware of. Try to be patient. Maybe drop a note through his door.

    If he won't respond, that is HIS problem and I think its something to do with him, not anything to do with you.