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    I know that part of life is rejection and as much as I try to avoid it I know it happens. But why must I be rejected before I even do anything. I look at their faces and I can see it already so I don't even bother.

    and both times I've actually said anything to a girl about my feelings, they have avoided me like the plague (one of which was a very close friend for the 4 years previously).

    I am tolerated by the very few people in my life. The constant, "oh here comes another one of his crazy rants" feeling from them.

    Now I have two weeks before the people I have spent the last 4 years with leave my life forever. I do have one friend that sticks with me but unfortunately spending time with him just makes me realize how pathetic mine really is. This was the guy that was even more shy than me and now he has his own place, a gf that loves him and a career and money flooding in.

    FUCK!!!!! Why did it have to not work and leave me worse than before