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    I don't understand it, yesterday I was feeling better then I have in weeks, but when I woke up this morning the first thought that came to mind was if I could breake open my disposable razor balde and just end it all. Turns out you can and so now I can't stop bledding. I don't think I need stiches but I don't think I can step outside of my room let alone go to class today. I am just really frustrated because 24 hours ago I was doing good and now I'm sitting at my computer holding what was once a good towel to my wrist that has been bleeding constently for going on three hours.
  2. It's the nature of illness. Sometimes you have good days, others bad. Try to remember the good times when you're down and don't blame yourself for not feeling as good as you were. Did you intentionally make yourself feel bad? I imagine not. So why blame yourself?

    I know it's hard not to. It's not something that's easy to understand. You've just got to try and reach for that tiny thread of hope that tomorrow might be a better day; you may never have a bad day again. Anything is possible.

    I hope you're feeling better.