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Relapsing again...

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Back at the bottom of the pit of despair again :(. I'm so tired of this, any small increase in mood seems to only last a fleeting moment. Texted a friend if she wanted to hang out a while and she said sure, just stood me up however and didn't text or anything. I went and bought me a couple of beers (not smart I know), now I feel like complete crap inside. I need other people to survive but I'm too vulnerable to handle stuff like this.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to see my guidance counselor but I'm a complete mess now, and if I screw that up I don't know where I stand. Hard to hang on...
I'm sorry you're back in the darkness, maybe you could text you friend and ask if she's still coming? Maybe she just got hung up someplace...
Try to hang in there, and maybe tell your GC about what you are feeling, and try to be open. Perhaps he/she may have some helpful advice.
I hope you can come out of the darkness and find a reason to smile today. Best wishes.


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Hi Endless,

I'm sorry you're feeling this way again, maybe it would be a good idea to tell your guidance counsellor how you're feeling , open up and be honest, they can't help if you pretend you're fine, no one can, stay safe xox
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