Relationship with depression

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    Hey sorry I'm new here, I don't really know what I'm doing.
    I feel really guilty because my boyfriend of 3 years has always been honest about his chronic depression.
    The problem is that I do too... maybe not to the same extent. But today is a real low point as he recently confessed about having suicidal thoughts. I was telling him 'It's okay, we can get through this together' when really for the last few days I've been sitting there staring at the packets of sleeping pills.
    I think the thing that's worse is that everything he's saying, I'm feeling. I'm not trying to be selfish and I know it's not good for our relationship I'm just trying to help him through this. It's only through the past year or so I've gotten this bad.
    I just wondered if anyone could give me some advice?
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    hey, i'm not rly an 'expert' in this area, but i thought i'd still reply with some thoughts on it. for example, if he really cares for you [which he seems to by this post], then i'm sure he'd rather know this about you than have you go through this 'in secret', if this makes sense. and i think being honest about your own feelings as well would be good, and i don't really think it would be selfish. and, also, if u're just going to keep it all inside, you're very likely going to 'break', eventually. and, i think he might actually be 'glad' if u told him about what u're feeling. in a sense he would kno that he actually relates to you in this, and he wudnt feel like an 'outsider' or 'the only one feeling messed up', if u get what i mean. so, my advice, be truthful [though i'm not saying not to have tactfulness and consideration towards him and such, just being open and honest].