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relationships are horrible

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by Timo716, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Timo716

    Timo716 Member


    i'm timo 21yo guy

    i have had about 6 ex relationships behind me

    i can't seem to do anything wright
    or they just cheat on me

    will i ever find love?

    i had had enough with love i just wanna hug a girl and be proud on someone i love and such things

    the smaller things i miss

    feeling empty
  2. Royalsapphire

    Royalsapphire Member

    Why don't you tell me what happen!
  3. Emily Rose

    Emily Rose Member


    You need to stop sulking about the past and start getting excited about your future! Women aren't attracted to depression, unhappiness, sad life-style. We like a guy with confidence :) It sounds like you need a positive mood lifter. I don't know the reasons that your past ex' have cheated but you just need to focus on the present. Work out, stay healthy, find some hobbie's you enjoy, be active, and just have fun. Get out in the public so you can meet new people! When you see someone you like take the chance. Start out slow and be friends and take it from there. Be confident in yourself and you'll attract people. Today is a new day so make something happen :)

    ~Emily Rose
  4. Percarus

    Percarus Account Closed

    6 relationships is quite a lot... Especially for someone that is only 21 years old. You must obviously have the looks, personality, and girls must like you for them to keep coming back into your life. Usually I find the key to maintaining a relationship is to be an inquisitive listener, and actually enjoy doing goofy things once in a while. I am going to be 34 next month and I only had 2 relationships in life both lasting 6 weeks (they weren't for me) but I have been on a lot of dates in life only to discover love wouldn't be found in them. My guess is that your first priority is to attain a place of your own and mayhap you can give the living together a go as it would lead to strong ties. Be patient, you are only young, and with your track record surely you will find someone just ideal for you. :)