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    ODIECOM Well-Known Member

    i have read many posts about fallen relationships and those that have not yet found the "right one" or anyone for that matter. i can respect the need for companionship, sex etc.
    as relationships are part of life, does that mean that if we fail to engage in a relationship .. theres nothing more to life for us ?

    so many ppl feel they are worthless, unworthy of a relationship because they have never been in one, or the relationship has failed.

    the fact is, we are not failures. there could be a few reasons holding us back, but it certantly has nothing to do with our worth.

    one thing to always remember .. the way we feel inside, is what we show on the outside. our attitude, demeanor, and our peronality are all based on how we feel about ourselfs. we are as we think and it SHOWS.

    dont take a back seat because you dont believe theres anyone out there for you. dont believe that there is nothing else to live for if your no with someone.

    change your views on yourself and it will show.
    odies thoughts
  2. ProjectRainbow

    ProjectRainbow Banned Member

    The great thing is that there is almost certainly somebody out there that would be perfect for us (and everyone else).

    Problem is they are probbaly fucking some other wanker.
  3. Adam_D

    Adam_D Well-Known Member

    I think soloing is rewarding in itself.
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