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Relationships (for the most part) are a bunch of bullcrap!

My (now-ex) boyfriend just broke up with me, but he was dating another girl before he even told me we were over! (does this count as cheating, btw?)
He became friends with this girl two weeks ago. I want to punch her f*cking SKULL in. I can't even imagine him even hugging another girl, let alone kissing her! GRR. And he decided to do this when our relationship was GOOD? MY GOD I'm pissed.
(sorry if this should've gone in the Relationships part, but I was so pissed I just needed to get this out asap..)

I'm so depressed right now. :mad: I want to die.. I don't blame him for leaving me. She's better looking and probably has a better personality..


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I swear I'm no good to people.. I just got onto his FB account and saw something he said about me..
shes going to all me soon



I Love her ♥
fuck ana
damn who**



I just got off the phone with my baby


i so happy and were going to the mall on wendsday
He tried to say he didn't say it about me, but then said he did but didn't mean to.. He keeps changing his story. Why? :what:


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You got fooled over & hes just gonna keep making up more excuses and stories that'll hurt you more. I think you just need to let him go.
Thats just my opinion. You do what you feel you need to do. Just don't let whatever you decide cause you to want to die. I'm your best friend. I'm tired of hearing about you getting your heart broken. End the heart break and live your life cause you're an amazing & pretty girl who doesn't deserve any of that.
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