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Relaxing Music?

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I was wondering if anybody could point me in the direction of similar songs to the ones below. The second one is good, but I specifically like the violin in it. Unfortunately, I'm having no luck randomly scanning the web for relaxing violin music and whatnot. So, if anybody knows of any bands or something to that regard that plays similar music, could you please let me know?



(The first one is from a video game. . . But, good music is good music, no matter its origin.)


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The most relaxing music i can think of is definately beethovens moonlight sonata (not strings i know but its very relaxing)


Some other good bands that use strings are apocalyptica


and blue october although blue october are more of a country rock band but they have songs like pro re nata

Blue October is amazing. such amazing lyrics to their songs.


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Try searching amazon.com mp3 downloads for violin music. I have some relaxing music with the guitar, hymns, and nature sounds combined. And i have an mp3 if you like to listen to 60 minutes of thunderstorm. The soundtrack from the videogame flowers is ok too. Laureena mckennit might have some good tracks with violin in it. Search for her name on youtube.


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Thanks for the responses :)

lost world, I enjoyed the beginning of the song :) Got a bit loud for me after, but I enjoyed it. And the Pan's Labyrinth song was good too. Reminded me of my mother who to this day harasses me to watch that movie :P

Delusive-Sunshine, I liked her as well. If only she had some violin it would be perfect! But, that's me being picky. Even without it I still like it.

bhawk, I do enjoy blue October, and I can't believe Beethoven never struck me! Pure genius.

lachrymose27, and I think I will do just that. Thanks. I do so enjoy Laureena mckennit :)
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