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Released from inpatient yesterday night.

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And things already going badly. I thought i was stable and ready but tonight i'm not sure i was ready. I dont want to go back though, i like my freedom. I hope this passes, i've been taking their meds even though i dont want to. Im hoping some sleep might help but not sure i can sleep.

I was so sure i was stable on these meds. I dont want to go back :awww:


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I know how you feel, I was released after a couple days & it was to early for me. I can't help, I'm in the same boat but I always hope that I'll wake up the next day & feel better.


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You should be fine. Have trust in those who were treating you. Follow their directions. I am sure that they gave you numbers to call if you feel you can't handle something. Don't hesitate to use those numbers. Also we are here for you too. Keep strong and have faith in yourself.


i know how u feel

its weird for a few nights after being released. and no one wants to go back there.

of course.

but talk here and it could get bettter//


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its always odd when you get released. i was in hospital for 17 weeks and it took me an age to feel "relaxed" to be home....its a totally different environment but you will settle back in, just give it time. i dont know how long you were in for, but if after a week you still feel off, phone your community mental health team and discuss with them. good luck and try not to stress it too much, always here to help. :hugs:

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takes awhile to get used to being out on your own that all you had the security of the hospital the staff and others around so yu got use to all that at
just as it took time to get use to hospital setting it take time to get use to home setting again on your own. You can hang out here okay so you don't feel so overwhelmed things will settle in a few days hugs


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In addition, if you are not doing well, contact your pdoc or therapist and tell him/her and see what plans can be made...there are outpatient f/u programs and such that maybe you should be referred to...J
I am attempting to set up therapy/med management currently i had no clue about my insurance carrier is all, so they wouldnt schedule me until they knew they accepted my insurance unless i paid by cash.

Luckily my mom is a nurse so she is trying to take care of it because i got frustrated with the outpatient office. I didnt yell at them but i kinda shut down n thought it was hopeless.

Today is better thanks all for the words of encouragement and advice.
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