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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by jumptrooper, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. jumptrooper

    jumptrooper Member

    Most of the days i think about dead. I dont fear it, but i'm afraid for rebirth ( reincarnation ). to start it all over and over :blink: :eek:hmy: i think that is the reason i still didn't commit suicide :sad: ! but its not that i believe in it ( or the religion )!
    my question is: in what do you believe? what do you think there is after dead?
    i'm just curious :smile:
  2. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    I honestly don't know. I guess it's something that none of us will know until we actually die, then it's too late and we can't tell anyone. One of lifes mysteries.

    I don't know if you want to talk about why you are scared of death but want to die, or if you are just asking a question, but if you want to talk about why you want to end your life, then we're here for you. Things may seem difficult but with support, encouragement and friends we can help you get out of the dark patch you are in right now. :hug:
  3. Unnamed

    Unnamed New Member

    I'm not sure either jumptrooper, in a strange way, maybe that's what makes life so bizarre? I'm very curious about your perspective on this one, because I think we may share similar views.

    Perhaps we are never meant to know what is after life? Maybe it would be the same as asking what is before birth? Maybe they are both the same quesiton? Maybe something we were never meant to know. If we did, would any of us be here? I'm not sure. When the puzzle is solved, is it really a puzzle anymore? Would it still have the same purpose it once held?

    I'd love it if you can elaborate on this - could be a good thread!
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  4. PressedIn

    PressedIn Well-Known Member

    I don't believe in religion, but i honestly hope theres no afterlife. I've had enough of my live and like you, I wouldn't want to live it again.
  5. TheBLA

    TheBLA The biggest loser ever to live.

    If there is an afterlife, there is a chance it could be better that time around that it is now for you.
  6. jumptrooper

    jumptrooper Member

    hmm i think when the puzzle is completed then that could be good or evil! if we discover that dieing isn't so bad we would all kill ourself with pleasure. but if we discover dead is even worse then living, we could all make a change ( maybe people will respect eachother more, they will be concerned for there health and stuff like that, peopel won't drink and drive anymore just because there afraid to die) and maybe we should also be afraid of dead!
    i'm afraid i'm not agree with something you say ( sry ) but we do know + - what come's before birth ( and the answer is dead ) and now we have the answer! its just a fucking vicious cirkel! ( that is what i think ) its realy not easy to understand but its the only thing that prevent me from doing what i wanted to do a long time ago, but i'm just so damn afraid to fall lower then i'm now ( if that is possible )
    but soon i will be to curious to find it out!
    i give myself another 2-max 3 weeks
  7. sadsong

    sadsong Staff Alumni

    I believe in heaven, though what that is i think is out of our capabilities as humans to understand. It is beyond our understanding and outside of time or space, it's not a physical place. I think it's a good place, and a place free from our troubles on this earth.
    Personally, i have reached the conclusion not to bother thinking about what lies in waiting for me once i'm dead, i can't understand it and for me there are other things for me to think about which are more important.

    just my two cents
  8. i belive that when you die, despite what we may all like to think, you are either cremated, burrried, or your body is left to root. thatsd pretty mucht eh extent of my belif ein an after life. i think there is no good, reincarnation or anything like that. why? because its irational. (nto trying to insult religous people, this is MY opinion, not trying to enforce it). i fear deatha dn i fear the idea of not continueing onward in one fashion or anohter, but to say there is a heavean or a rebirth of some type would just be a way to satisfy those fear, not an actual answer. my belife realy is, when yo udie, its over. as far as you are concerned, that is it.

    then again, who knows realy.
  9. allofme

    allofme Staff Alumni

    i have differing beliefs... i see many ans. to this question.. possibly the purpose of death is to appreciate life... when faced with the ultimate "end" we often for what ever reason find what we need to stay around... even if it is only till the next time we reach the jumping off point....

    faced with having to do it again
    or .. an eternity of pain and punishment
    or .. the complete end of everything that is us
    or .. the hope of something better....utopia

    but life has played many tricks on us...so utopia ... a carrot dangling in front of a donkeys nose.... never atainable....

    surely not ours for the taking if we clock out early...

    i say finish the shift... and when things get soooo horrid that even hell fire and damnation looks good...

    help some one... help someone get what has been eluding you for so long ... and maybe... we ourselves will find something good...
  10. mike308

    mike308 Well-Known Member

    I love the question.
    Funny, you find the most thoughtfull, caring and articulte people on the web at a what????
    A Sucide forum.
    I am a drunken, sucidial, born again Christian.
    Jesus is real, and there is a God,
    A Loving, Caring God
    Behond our comprehenision. There is too much focus on hell and judment.
    Not enough on what Jesus taught.
    Just my 2 cents
    I hope God has sence of humor:):):)
  11. chnged abcd

    chnged abcd Guest

    I can tell you this what I believe.

    God does exhist & he loves everyone so much that his own son died on the cross for our sins. I think also the biggest help if you feel like you're alone at times is too talk on here and know that their are people here who care about you and would like to know you.:rolleyes:
  12. I AM PROOF U R WRONG [sorry to let you down]

    If ""god"" loved me then he'd give me a woman. That's the only thing I ask for out of life [other than repressed toothaches] and kids and NOTHING MORE at all whatsoever not even a little bit - not a job, not money, not power, not fake, not possessions, not anything else at all. Thus, either god [A] doesn't exist doesn't love me.......and I'm leaning towards [A] since would be a silly scenerio.
  13. chnged abcd

    chnged abcd Guest

  14. chnged abcd

    chnged abcd Guest

    Im not here to say one thing vs another, but and good things come in due time.
  15. Tempestia

    Tempestia Member

    I've ceased to believe in the concepts of "Heaven" and "Hell." They are elaborate ruses designed in order to beat the general population into submission, and I refuse to believe in them or God. Honestly, I don't care what afterlife is like, as long it's better than my actual life. Falling into an endless sleep would be just fine for me.
  16. All interesting answers (they always are when it comes to this subject). BTW, I LOVED Mike’s reply, and bewilderment in the irony. Me, I too believe it’s all beyond our comprehension, and quite naturally (we are very small after all, though our individual universes are incredibly vast – still, the little picture is always part of the big picture). I also think we get small glimpses, clues, though we’ll never have the entire puzzle solved. And we’re a race that craves “The Final Answer”.

    One of the earliest “observations” I recall noticing many, many moons ago, before I was heavily indoctrinated with religion or introduced to science, was that everything (but EVERYTHING – not one atom left out, before I knew what an atom was mind ye) in Nature gets “recycled” one way or another - so reincarnation never seemed like a far-fetched OR ‘heretical’ notion (nor did it at all leave God out of the equation, or preclude our various faiths! Not to me anyway). Yet then I began to notice sadly that we as humans have willfully taken ourselves outside of that circle – consider ourselves above and beyond and outside of this ongoing process, and so not being able to relate (and therefore fear) the ultimately natural cycle of all things for time immemorial.

    Hmmm… where am I going with this? Many believe in an evolution of the spirit… Me, I happened to think that one life is far too short to “make or break” our soul’s progress. I also want to add that out of sheer desperation a few years back, through so much ‘hell’ already, I went to see a psychic (well – HE thought so!) who told me I only have to come back one more time. My immediate thought then as now (and I’m sure some of you would agree) was “um, I don’t ****** think so!” (Yeah, I know, I know – what NERVE I have arguing with The Universe!). Thanks for letting me chew the fat…

  17. jumptrooper

    jumptrooper Member

    I really respect your opinion! I really do, but please tell me how come there is so much misery in the world? And why doesn’t he help us? Is he to busy? Or is it maybe that our problems aren’t big enough?
    I’m sorry but I have lost my faith again!
    my god(s) are the peopel on this forum they help me out!
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  18. I really respect your opinion! I really do, but please tell me how come there is so much misery in the world? And why doesn’t he help us? Is he to busy? Or is it maybe that our problems aren’t big enough?
    I’m sorry but I have lost my faith again!
    my god(s) are the peopel on this forum they help me out!

    * * *

    M'dear (first, thanks)
    Trials, struggles and pain have been with us as long as we've been (and I don't diminish any - let alone understand them all!). But so has the compassion and love that 'God" imbued us with. (Geez, I hate to sound so sure and positive - I mean, look where I'VE showed up!). So, d'ja think these people, this forum came about by accident?

    "Angels are those who show you a way to get through to the other side of an obstacle, not necessarily around it" ~ Moi

  19. mike308

    mike308 Well-Known Member

    A supreme being, with the power to rule heven and earth. Comes to the world as a little helpess child. Dependet on a poor carpenter and a " slut that told him she was a virgin" I can immage what they said when they counted the days, being from a small town.
    All things come To those that pray.
    Your love will come to you, you just need to ask, But be carefull of what you wish for, you might be surrised what you get.
    Least you thing I am preaching, I am not. I have feet of clay and spend half my life drunk and the othe part trying to get there:biggrin:
  20. Tempestia

    Tempestia Member

    If you've been a member of a faith for long enough, you begin to notice certain "discrepancies. For example, a couple of years ago I was reading a catholic textbook, when I came upon a phrase that, by itself, looked innocent enough. Compare it with what the bible teaches, however, and it meant something entirely different, as well as contradictory. Who knows. Maybe certain religions were based off of true events, but the effort required to hold these facts together is beginning to wear on people and they are making mistakes. To sum my feelings on this up, I feel that the more dependent I am on a "God", the more I tend to let things slide, creating a downward spiral.
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