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    i was baptised catholic and sent to catholic elementary and highschools, but i don't believe any of the bullshit. i just feel as though i was brainwashed into thinking that way and some people are weak and fall into the trap of believing the lies they are fed and i was able to breakk free from it. but its hard to live my life now without a faith, i do believe in a higher power but i still attend highschool and am bombarded with everything coming back to god and it sickens me how catholics can be so dense and close minded about their beliefs. the catholic church turned me and many others away because of their stupid fucking rules. i dont know what to believe in anymore.
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    Believe what you want. Way better than what the Catholics say (I was raised Catholic as well), they claim that they're right, even though they're just another religion among the thousands.

    I don't believe anything. I choose to back up my morals with facts, instead of doing what some mythical being in the sky tells me to do.
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    I'm a Catholic, but I was once told by a very wise fellow Catholic that you need to put everything you are told (even by the church) through "the test of conscience". Read what you can about our doctrines and their origins, do your research, study other religions, and if deep down, your conscience tells you that certain Catholic beliefs are incorrect, that's o.k. You can still be a Catholic without believing every single thing they tell you to because ultimately, no matter what a Pope or a priest tells you, you are responsible for your own soul, for your own salvation. So it's o.k. to disagree, and if you have truly done your homework on both sides and still disagree with certain teachings (such as the Rite of Reconciliation, pre-marital sex, etc.) then it is not a sin (even in the eyes of the church) because you are following your heart after careful reflection. You can still be a Catholic without following all of the dogma (I learned this in my Confirmation class actually). Now, if you disagree with MOST of what the church says, then maybe you were meant to follow a different path, but even Pope John Paul believed that was o.k. too. Try Googling "Pope John Paul II" and "Universal Salvation". You may be surprised at what you read.
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    Believe what you want to believe. That is all that you can do. Find your own beliefs. Find your own justifications for things. You have the intelligence to figure this out. It will just take time. Maybe you need to fill the void left by faith with something else.
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    well i was once a second freewheel baptist when i was little, got baptized into a church of Christ and will probably be church of Christ upon the hour of my death..

    as to religion.. there is one reliigion, one faith, one baptism, one God, one Jesus Christ and we are all his children.. we are all brothers and sisters in the sight of God and none are made any more holy then the other..
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    i was brought up on a certain religeon my entire life, being told what i have to believe, forced to comply w/ its teachings and lifestyle, never quite accepted it, was excommunicated. a lot of things led me to find out the truth about the religeon which was shocking to me, although i never really believed 100%, although i was against it there was always that core moral foundation that 18yrs of brainwashing had embedded in me and as much as i hate to admit it, it felt as if someone had ripped out my soul. i felt sick, i didnt want to accept it. i now live my life as an agnostic, maybe w/ some hope that there is a god in the christian sense. i dont believe you need to be apart of a religeon or go to church to be a good person, or that it will have any effect on your 'salvation' if there is such a thing. i cannot be apart of something i dont 100% believe in, it doesnt sit well in my stomach.
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    This is the stance I absolutely despise. How can you refute the validity of other religions? There is no way to obtain cold, hard proof to back up the doctine of any religion (and please don't go waving the Bible in my face). Absolutist statements cause nought but tension and resentment among people.

    Why attempt to force others to believe what they clearly doubt?