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the flashbacks and memories are back after a month off..
the hands of the abusers can be felt constantly on my body..
poking, prodding, rubbing, pinching, hurting
pain everywhere from their tortures...
i lived through this once..can i do so again?
do I want to?

i wander alone in the darkness

if an amis cries out in pain
does anyone hear her?
I can hear you amis. I know exactly what you mean. No, you don't want to go through it again. Never. But the mind has a way of openinig up and making us until we learn how to restore those memories and put them away in a safer place. Flashbacks are so hard hun. I could feel them as I read your post. :hug:
If you need to talk sometime amis, you can PM me. I am more than willing to do what I can for you. As I said, I have been and am still going down this same road. The journey has been long, but I know the end is there somewhere. Take care hun. :hug:


Flashbacks are difficult. I have had periods when I have them alot then times when I don't. I am learning through therapy how to cope with them. To just know that it is just a memory, it is not happening, it is in the past. I have learned to acknowledge the thoughts and feelings then to place them away. I think each woman has to find what works best for them in handling flashbacks and then work on a plan on dealing with them as they come up.

I am afraid I can't tell you they eventually go away, they don't, but you can reach a place inside of you where you can manage those thoughts and feelings and keep them from overwhelming you. Good luck to you.
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