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    The thin line
    I forgot myself on these drugs
    and then I hate myself on drugs
    and want to be myself again
    but when
    I become myself again
    it all comes flooding back
    bitterness like nails pulsing through my veins from the moment of waking til I fall asleep feeling sick
    Compassion is negated by rage and resentment in the face of weakness that I cannot handle and I do not want to be responsible for
    I live only to prevent the spread of even more misery
    I don't add anything,
    I just don't take anything away.
    This horrible sensation
    that the best of it is over
    and all that lies ahead now is a constant struggle to live
    a life that I hate
    for the benefit of people
    I can barely look at,
    and whom I can't stand looking at me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.