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    some of the good things.
    the time ive had that actually mean something when i felt someone who had a future who wasnt who i am now..
    such memories like

    when i turned the blender on when making a smoothie before he had put the lid on it... the look he gave me before folding up in laughter with smoothie splatterd all over the wall my clothes his clothes. truth is i done it on purpose, he was in a bad mood and i wanted to make him smile.

    Holding hands with him at the shopping center and seeing how everygirl wanted to be me in that moment.. sharing a frap at starbucks with him whiping the cream on my nose.

    Finding love notes on my laptop when i woke up from him.

    Daring him to run around in just his boxers in the snow not expecting him to do it

    watching a chickflick with me even tho he hated it... sharing ice cream even tho it wasnt his favorite flavor

    painting my nails for me when i couldnt be botherd too

    Kissing me in the rain infront of his friends.

    Giving me his hoodie when i was cold even tho he only had a t-shirt on himself.

    watching the stars from the bay window cuddling

    Teaching me how to play xbox Halo and laughing when i made mistakes

    Dancing with me at prom and acting as if i was the only girl in the room

    feeling his fingers trace the scars on my arms and feeling as tho he understood

    Him holding me tight when i woke up screaming eachtime.

    Making me feel as thou i was the only person he ever cared for. making my life that little bit more bareable.

    i want to be that girl again... the one that wasnt needy and hurtful
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    This was beautifully written. And it made me think. Thank you.
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    I believe you can be that strong again i do with therapy You now have to believe it to, You are strong Aimee you can do it don't let anyone take away your dreams okay stay the fighter.
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    I hear you. I feel you. Be strong.