Remembering 9-11

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by 41021, Sep 11, 2010.

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    I don't know if we have a post going at the moment. I'd like to keep politics and religion out of this. I will request the admins remove any religious or political content from this posting. This is not the place for opinions. Fact is, we lost many people, not only fellow americans, but others as well.

    I know at least one person on this board lost two people and he's having a rough time today.

    Perhaps we can offer support not only to him, but to others who were affected by this tragic event. Keep in mind, it was a rather traumatic event, and you don't have to have lost someone to post here...the events affected people in many ways.

    My heart goes out to all who lost friends and loved ones, as well as to those who were affected or traumatized by these events.

    ***hugs*** you are all in my heart today.
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    I know alot of people lost thier lives that day firefighters police people from all aspects of living have been affected so. I hope you here have support to help you through the pain and sadness
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    R.I.P AUNTY SALLY you were a true hero aTTEMPTING TO SAVE MANY LIFES r.i.p to all who died may the pain end soon goodbye all and godbless
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    Tonight was the first night I watched an "as it occurred" (or any) show about 9 11. It brought back much about that day. I was working in a federal building just outside of DC on 9 11. I remember too well the fear when I heard another plane could be out there close to DC. If the people on the plane who fought back had not, the casualties may have included people I know. My sympathies go out to all who lost someone that day.