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    I still wake up screaming in my sleep.
    White mornings filled with memories of you
    You once saved me, by taking your own life.
    Suicide could no longer be an option for me
    But the price to pay was too much to bear.
    A pain eating at my heart till it turned to stone

    Seven years down the line
    The pain was replaced by a longing
    Life without you meant a life without love
    My only hope left is to meet you there
    I will throw my life away just to see you again
    As I find more hope in death than I do in life

    You showed me the meaning of love
    But you felt you deserved no part
    As I picture you on the day of your death
    In loneliness's cold embrace
    As I look deep inside your heart
    Lord, please help me ease that terrible pain
    16 years on this earth to meet such a fate
    Dying alone just as flowers bloom

    Seven years down the line
    The tears they won't stop falling
    And my only hope left is to die
    Maybe you, my soulmate, are waiting me there
    No one's waiting for me here
    And life without you is too much to bear
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    :hug: i'm sorry for your lost hun, but hun u dont need to take ur life i'm here if u wanna talk hun :hug:
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    I understand how hard it is to keep living after loosing our Love on this earth and no matter how many years have passed, they still alive in our hearts just as when they were at our side. I find solace in the one day promised that we would once again meet not to separate any more.... yet till then, we must live this eartlhy life and move on at best we can.

    You'll never forget but do try to make a life of your own till you meet again. Your Love would have not agree to see you waste your life away.

    Granny x