Reoccurring nightmares almost every night

Discussion in 'Midnight Owl' started by oval, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. oval

    oval Well-Known Member

    It's always about the same. Someone close to me betrays me and tells me to my face how much they hate me, how pathetic I am and laughs at me while I sit there crying.
    In my dreams everyone in the entire world is disgusted with me and wants me dead. I have no one to rely on, no one I can trust.
    Sometimes they chase me with snails (I have a terrible phobia) or throw them at me while I cry and beg them to please please stop. They laugh at me and keep going.

    A lot of times I'm being stalked, they try to get into my house or they chase me and I run ridiculously slow, can barely move like I'm glued to the ground. Most of the time I end up killing them very violently like stabbing them a 100 times, stabbing them in the eye, shooting them in the head or one time I even split someone's scull (which was a friend of mine that tried to kill me) with a rock after I kept hitting and hitting him with it.
    Only one time I was actually killed in a dream and as my soul, I guess, was floating up in the air, I watched him rape my dead body.
    I have even raped my own dead body before.

    Then I wake up and feel like shit for the majority of the day and am angry at the people (friends, family) the whole day bc part of me really does mistrust them after what "they did to me" that night. I've done that since I was a child. I'm tired of this shit every night.
  2. red ribbons

    red ribbons Well-Known Member

    As the anniversary of my husband's suicide looms, I am having nightmares too. He doesn't see me in the dreams or rejects me. And I'm having dreams of all the people in my life that have rejected me. Maybe I'm too sensitive, but is everybody rejected all the time?
  3. oval

    oval Well-Known Member

    that sounds aweful. im so sorry you have to go through that.
    in my dreams its the world against me and i literally have to fight. im being rejected and laughed at, chased and they try to kill me. and i always kill them so violentely. sometimes i just wake up and feel sick and disgusted from the slaughterhouse experiences from the night. its so much blood and bones its sickening.
  4. Descendant

    Descendant Account Closed

    @Good World: Those sound horrible, I've never had any like that but I've had a couple of nightmares about killing people, most of the time it's about something happening to my dog and then brutally killing those responsible. I had a dream about killing a group of 5-6 people with a knife who had kidnapped him. After those I'm always extra careful when we go out on walks because I'm afraid something bad will happen.

    In one recent nightmare that really freaked me out I killed my brother because he was trying to kill me (even though our relationship is fine) and I cried over his dead body saying "I'm so sorry" over and over again until I woke up. That day I made an effort to talk to him a little just to see how he was doing.

    Another one I had about 2 nights ago was I walked into a building and went on a shooting spree with a couple of other people for no apparent reason, after I'd killed about a dozen people the police showed up and I hid in an elevator shaft while the people I'd come in with were gunned down.

    I don't ever feel disgusted about dreams that I have, I try to analyze and learn something from them. There are some that disturb me sometimes, but I don't blame myself for having them or feel like I've done something wrong and neither should you. You can hardly control what you dream about so you can't blame yourself. I'm sorry they keep happening to you though, nightmares for me are few and far in between but I know having them every night could really start to wear you down and mess with you mentally.
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  5. oval

    oval Well-Known Member

    I'm about tired of this shit. I wake up multiple times and have several dreams a night. 10 out of 10 times its a fucking nightmare and I feel like ass the next day.
    i don't really feel guilty bc I kill people in my dreams. I'm angry at the.people that treated me badly in my dream and I mistrust them the next day. I was dping this as a child and appearantly I haven't moved on much since I still do it. When I was about 5 I dreamt I was running after my mother and was calling her but she ignored me and kept on walking. Now I realize what it means but then I was angry at her for "doing that to me" that I hid from her all day.
    I'm starting to feel mocked, by my own mind for dreaming a bunch of shit every night. I feel helpless and pissed off. I would much rather not dream anymore.
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  6. letty

    letty Banned Member

    I hate the reoccuring dreams, I dream about my mon and her boyfriend, about the abuse and in my dreams i go after them with a knife..they are so vivid.
  7. blue

    blue Active Member

    Reoccurring nightmares are awful. I'm sorry you have to go through them. I've been having one over the last few months and it is a terrible experience. Are there any techniques you can try to ease the dreams or make it easier for you in the morning? Maybe you could try to schedule a little extra time at the beginning of the day to be kind to yourself, take the time to enjoy a cup of tea or something similar. That might help to take the edge off a little, I find that if I try and jump right into everything just after awaking from an nightmare I can get a little cranky. Excluding the nightmares, how well do you sleep? If you are not getting enough sleep it can affect your dreams. Have you ever seen a doctor about your sleep troubles? It sounds as if they have been going on for a long time. I hope the dreams get better. Take care of yourself. Let me know if you ever want to talk anything over, I'm always willing to help.
  8. oval

    oval Well-Known Member

    i was really happy to see a so recent post in this threat bc the nightmares issues has specifically been bothering me these past days.
    my dreams dont make sense anymore. its raw, trippy and just psycho. have you seen the movie "the cell" with jennifer lopez? thats pretty much what my dreams look like now. not even exaggerating.
    i feel better than ever now during the day, im rarely depressed and so much more positiveand happy. however at night, things are getting worse. i dont know what this tells me about my subconsciousness anymore and its scary to think about it. its unsettling and distressing.
    in the morning i feel like dying and just wanna shoot myself. i feel sick in every way. my body is aching, i feel like straight shit emotionally, sometimes just sit there crying, i cant stop thinking about what "happened" and what was said, what they screamed.

    i havent found anything that makes me feel better. i just try not to think about it and turn the tv on to occupy my mind.

    im trying sleeping pills tonight to knock me out, hoping i will sleep so deeply that i wont dream. lets see how that will go.
    i dont sleep as well as i used to anymore. even when i was depressd out of my mind, whatever was going on, the minute i dropped in bed i almost immediately fell a sleep and slept like a baby. now i lay awake in bed for a couple hours some times and dont sleep as deeply anymore and wake up alot. that could have to do with my nightmares and how i feel so terrible in the mornings, i never gave that any thought. thank you for pointing that out.
    and thanks for the offer :) i might get back at you about that.
    take care everybody and good night!
  9. oval

    oval Well-Known Member

    it didnt work lol i got up 4 hours ago and am still extremely drowsy. MEEHH :dry:
  10. Gimiq

    Gimiq Well-Known Member

    @Good World. Have u tried forgiving everyone you feel has harmed you. If you have what was the next dream you had like. Were you still pursuid? I think when it comes to people generally it might help to assume the best when u must assume. Dont stick your neck out for anyone just smile nod and do whats to prevent conflicts in advance. Then see how it effects your sleep.
  11. oval

    oval Well-Known Member

    Yeah I try to avoid conflicts. Usually I don't always have nightmares about certain people or arguments I had the previous day. It's always about people I don't actually know and about things I fear. I constantly dream about being in school again and being laughed at and being told I was worthless, I dream about being abandoned, being betrayed by having someone throw snails and slugs at me (I have a big phobia), being stalked and chased and threatened to be killed or being raped. I have never been raped nor have I been stalked or been threatened to be killed. It's more about the fear of being hated this much that someone wants to degrade me or hurt me. And they always laugh when they do it.
    The only person I can actually link anything that happened in my dreams to would be my father. And I'm not quite there yet that I can forgive him and be at peace. But other than that I can't really say that I felt like this with anyone else.
    I think in a lot of my dreams I am the actual thread to myself. I hurt myself in the form of someone else. I have raped myself once. And I don't know who it really is that I am fighting in my dreams. I always or at least the majority of the time, kill the person that wants to harm me very brutally and graphic. I stab them in the head or face and cut them over and over again, to make sure they die and won't be a thread to me anymore.
  12. ninnie

    ninnie Member

    I used to be so scared after having such violent nightmares too but now I know that whatever you see in your dreams is symbolism, coming from your unconscious and it's not meant to be taken literally: your unconscious is working through the feelings that you have suppressed during the day. It could be that you feel overpowered by certain people at work/school/family and this comes out in the open in your nightmares where you have to fight them and even yourself.
    Maybe it helps to write your nightmares on paper to identify returning symbols in your nightmares. Then you can start figuring out what they mean. Certain symbols are universal but everyone has their own meanings to symbols too.

    What it comes down to: dreams (our unconscious) are neutralising undigested emotions and they're messages to your conscious, so that you can work with their symbolism.

    I hope this makes sense?
  13. oval

    oval Well-Known Member

    Yes that makes perfect sense :)
    I dropped out of school therefore I always dream that I mess up again and everyone makes fun of me. I am harder on myself than anyone, I can say that I'm obsessed with perfection and not only do I punish myself in my dreams but when I'm awake for not being able to accept myself or my accomplishments. I think sometimes I am fighting the self harming, abusive side of myself. That is very clear in another dream that I worte about on here.
    I am also horribly afraid of being abandned and being betrayed or disliked. And I'm pretty paranoid, I think that's why someone is always stalking me and trying to get me. Except for two of my dreams in which I was raped and shot in the head and in the other it is only forseeable (dunno how else to say it) that something will happen and I can't do anything about it, I am always the one who kills them first.
    My dreams do tell me a lot about myself but some leave me with questions bc they are too weird and confusion that I question myself why my subconscious.ess made this up. and I also wonder why I kill them with so much force and brutality. It always feels terrible killing someone, they seem so helpless and innocent once I have stuck the knife in their head and see the blood. It feels as if I killed a friend or a little child.
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