Repeatedly Raped!... Legally

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    I remember being able to enjoy life as a kid. But thats back when I thought we all lived free and had basic human rights. As it turns out, I have no rights. Rights aren't rights if someone can just take them away. Under no circumstances should it be allowed, acceptable, or legal to forcibly rape someone. (regardless of the pretenses).

    My name is Brad. A few years ago I was raped repeatedly by sheriffs deputies. Upon me being arrested for possession of marijuana, I was forced to strip naked, spread and all, and stand there for several minutes (and the whole time the deputies were purposely taunting and humiliating me) until I was allowed to dress. You may call that a strip search and nothing more, but I call it rape. The people that did this to me were not doctors, had no medical training, and it was forced... its rape. Moments after that, I was seated with a "mental health professional". She asked me how I was feeling, if I was depressed, and if I had thoughts of suicide. I calmly explained how until I was raped moments before, the thought had never occurred to me, but after being de-humanized and raped, I felt like dying. She signaled the sheriffs and said "put him on watch". They once again stripped me naked, beat me up when I resisted, and locked me in a cell naked with nothing but a camera on the ceiling watching every naked move. I was locked up for a year. During that time, I was stripped nude at least every other week, and they even went inside me once. It was absolutely humiliating, dehumanizing, torturous, and unnecessary.

    The effect that this yearlong physical and mental torture has had on me is unexplainable, but Ill try. I have not left the house in months. I have no social ability left, I use to be carefree and friendly and now I shy away from everyone. As a result I have no friends and obviously no girlfriend (at all, I cant even talk to them, females that is).
    I have had suicide on my mind daily since my ordeal, and I haven't even gotten to the meat and potatoes of this post yet.

    Here it goes... A year ago I was accused of another drug offense. I am expected to go to a final pretrial in a couple weeks. Thats where I either accept a plea deal and go back to being repeatedly raped day in and day out, or take the case to trial (which I will lose, for its a rigged deck) and get locked up for even longer getting repeatedly raped whenever they feel I need to be. So yeah, there it is. I was raped many many times before, and now Im told I have to do it all over again... I refuse

    Ive brought this up with some local "mental health professionals" and explained my current/ past situation as well as my fears of my future alive. They tell me that they cant do anything to stop me from being raped in the future because its not their job they and have no control. But they said they can help me cope. I have no plans on "coping" with what has happened in the past. Its NOT okay to be raped and Im not okay with it. Let alone coping with whats going to happen if I go back to jail. Like they seriously want me to cope with being repeatedly raped... who are you kidding. These "mental health professionals" tell me to cope and I tell them to strip, they look at me aghast and I tell them to strip and cope. If one of then was to strip just trying to prove their rediculous point, I would have shoved my finger in their ass and told them to cope with that too. How dare they...

    Anyway... as far as I know there really isn't any way to stop from being raped by the guards. If anyone knows a loophole or some legal action that could be taken given my mental state that could grant me sanctuary from abuse... I would really appreciate it. I do need help with this If its possible, and don't bother with this you'll live through it crap and coping with it crap. The last few years of my life have not been worth living and Im on the edge as it is, If theres no way to stop from being legally raped, I will be exiting this life. Please save my life
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