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    Sometimes I have thoughts that repeat over and over, even becoming obsessive at times. Usually it's things I don't want to think about, but I can't seem to control it. Like now I have part of a song stuck in my head, and it's been going on for days. That happens to me often, and it's always the same part of a song. I read that it's referred to as an earworm, and is more common in people with OCD. I try thinking of other things, but I still have songs or other repeating thoughts in my head. If anyone else has dealt with this, how do you overcome it? I'm trying to come up with ways to cope with it, because it's driving me nuts. :livid::twitch:
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    I'd like to imagine my brain isn't a totally worthless moron and actually repeats things that matter occasionally. When things that get stuck in my head, a song, a scene from a movie, a line from an anime, a fight in a book, an extremely embarrassing moment of my life; I dive into that memory head first. I relive every detail I can remember from the emotions I felt at that moment, when I heard it, read it, felt it, whatever. I explore every single crevice of that memory, hoping to see what it was my brain found noteworthy. Perhaps there was something I overlooked? A moment to escape that embarrassment? I line from a book I could use in rebuttal? I phrase in a song beautiful enough for me to WANT to repeat?

    I believe my brain isn't a complete moron, occasionally. So when it drifts and gets me caught in a tide I can't escape, I get wet. And then I move on.

    Of course sometimes my brain is just being a complete fucktard, in which case I plug in Avenged Sevenfold and melt my headphones solidly to my ears. And then oblivion.
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    Are you repeating these things to send a message to yourself, or do they appear less symbolic? For me, this happens when I am not grasping what I want me to know. I have also done this when I am blocking other things...taking up perceptual space to avoid other more challenging things...hope you can work this out because it sounds so discomforting
  4. Witty_Sarcasm

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    I can't explain exactly why this happens, other than it seems to be something obsessive. Lots of times I'll have negative thoughts about ending up alone, losing everyone, something bad happening to me etc. so it's pretty much a cycle of worry. Maybe I get things like songs stuck in my head to block out the bad thoughts. I really don't know why it happens, but I seem to have some least for now.
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    That's probably because you've brought it out into the open - whereas monsters like lurking in the dark! The more we fear something the greater seems its power - so the trick is to disempower it by telling it we're not going to fear it any longer - speak that out loud to it, if necessary - even if it seems foolish to do that, it will provide you with mastery over it, doing that for however long it takes.

    I do know what you mean - and for me, if it's annoying lyrics they normally fade away after a day or so, I've learned to not take too much notice. Times of embarrassment I've learned to learn from - they get repeated on my mind-screen to teach me better how to think - as simply AWFUL as they are - the trick is to see what they're trying to tell us and the lesson that's in them - this way they can become an asset and not a liability, and it teaches us the grand lesson that most things, if not everything, in this life can be re-framed :)
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    I understand, but more so reliving the abuse I have suffered ... not to compare though; just saying is all. I am full of rage when reliving such thoughts and as each thought comes to mind, it builds up the next one and then the next one and so on. I guess it becomes addictive as for many of us, that's the pattern we live with from day to day. Another example is when someone asks "So what do you do when you not here" ... the dreaded "status question" ... it sets of similar thoughts of Guilt and shame for my answers are quite humiliating for a non contributor like myself ... from there I analyze why society adopt such imposing questions, then why is it that I see them that way, that it is me that is the problem and then on and on and on ... a spiral of negativity from there.

    Perhaps it's not similar ...