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replying to a letter i wrote to myself


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For anyone else reading this, feel free to comment! I don't bite.. normally lol. This doesn't have to apply to just me or someone else. Take it as you will <3

This is really stupid but our therapist said I should write a letter to you while I'm still in a good mood. I'm assuming, because you are me, you understand why this is a whole thing. To start, things aren't as completely shit as they seem at the moment. For instance, you might think no body understand why're you're so depressed, and that causes both parties anger. But the truth is, they do. That's why they get hurt on your behalf , you're family just wants to keep you safe. Also, sometimes the easiest route isn't always the easiest so please stop cutting so many corners. Do your work, live your life, but most importantly be the happy you only you can be. There's no one else I'd rather grow up to be.

Love you,
Yourself (lmao)
Hi past me,

Thank you for your letter. Things with mom are better now. She’s lost a lot of weight, she’s really happy now. Paul (stepdad) and you arent perfect yet, but it’s worlds better. You met the most amazing people you could ever dream of. They love you, they’re here for you, and you’re never alone. that feeling in your tummy went away. You got out of that school finally. I’m so proud of you. You picked up some bad habits and made some horrible mistakes. But it’s okay, you grew. You grew so much. We’re gonna be 18 in a month or so. We’re excited. I know now to not cut corners, i’ve learned i was just going down the wrong road. I know when you wrote this you were in a very, very dark place. i’m sorry you never got to express how hurt you were. That left a lot of unresolved trauma. I’m sorry those kids made you feel so insecure. I’m sorry you turned to older men. I’m sorry you felt unworthy of love. I love you so much. You’re so beautiful, i promise. Your body is beautiful, i love you, i love you, i love you, I love you. Now you’re going to go through some trying times, please get some sleep, drink some water, take care of your body.

i love you,

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