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Repressed Emotions

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Recently I have been thinking a lot about how I feel, but more importantly why I feel it.
I'm often depressed when nothing bad has happened, I get anxiety attacks in certain situations but don't understand why.
After talking to some close friends about it, I was told over and over by all of them that there was something about me, like a weight that they could almost feel.
Some of my older friends suggested that some of the things that hurt me and tore me apart when I was younger never really recovered and are why I am so isolated and different.
I guess it sounds plausible, I mean I never really think about the past and I genuinely can't remember most of the saddest moments of my life so far.
But the thing I'm worried about is, if the problems I have are all subconscious and repressed emotions, how am I supposed deal with them?
How am I meant to deal with issues that are effecting my life but that are so buried in my mind I'm not even sure what they are or in what way it effects me?


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Hi, Ronnoc3. Have you ever tried going to a p-doc or to counseling? A good counselor can guide you through the memories to identify and help you heal from hurts from the past.

Thinking of you.
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