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  1. Reprieve

    If ye shall fall,
    then fall with grace
    For it is not,
    and never will be your place
    to take the blame
    for what fate claims
    of your wholeness
    Being gentle with your self
    is much harder work than easy guilt,
    that which overwhelms and fills
    the soul and mind
    Oh how we tend to be unkind
    to our own beings,
    taking on what is not ours,
    yet leading to endless hours
    of self-recrimination,
    trapped within the human condition
    I do not know where I find these words ~
    But through desperate rest sought
    I have learned
    letting go is not a sin
    and letting a little hope in
    is not always impossible
    though it seems the furthest thing away
    in so many endless wayward days.
    No, I am not finished my travels and trials
    Ahead of me lie many miles
    I’m not sure where I may tread
    All I know is that I’ve taken steps
    And so far
    it is not the end,
    though I am weary, leery,
    and full of doubt;
    for so very many
    challenges and trials
    still amount
    to being held captive.
    But some part of me
    has been freed for the moment
    For once, in a long time,
    comes the token
    of being naked
    but not feeling ashamed

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  2. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Oh God how I love this one!!!!:smile: :smile: It's absolutely beautiful and how moving. Your words are right on target, as well, for all hope is not lost for those who dare to hope!:smile:

    love and hugs,

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