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Rescue Me

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This song is called Rescue me by Kerrie Roberts, which I like, and I can also relate to. It's from the upcoming TV show once upon a time.

This waking nightmare lingers
When will the mirror stop tellin' lies?
I don't know where I've been or where I'm goin'
But I can't do it alone
I'm reaching out...

* Rescue me
Show me who I am
'Cause I can't believe this is how the story ends
Fight for me
If it's not too late
Help me breathe again
No, this can't be how the story ends...

I'm wrapped up and waiting for you
I've lost so much more than I'll ever know
The past, the truth forgotten
Find me now, before I lose it all...
I'm cryin' out...

* Repeat twice

Here's the youtube link to listen yourself

Not open for further replies.

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