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    I am a sophomore in college. I smoked weed all freshman year, nearly every day. I managed it well and got good grades and didn't get caught. I stopped before the end of the year to get a job, didn't smoke all summer, came back to school and started smoking again. I don't want a lecture on pot use, please. When I went home for thanksgiving break and my parents drug tested me, I failed. They said they will drug test me again in 40 days and I had to stop smoking. So I stopped smoking. No big deal, going from every day to not at all. So my roommate and girlfriend still smoked and I was cool with it, I would go out with them sometimes just to hang out. Then, in December, the main event happened.

    I was doing homework in my room, my roommate and gf prepped to go out, she packed a bowl and they left, I stayed in. Minutes later the RA made a round (they just walk through the halls periodically). A few minutes later there was a knock, assuming it was just my suitemates I said come in, it was school police. They said they smell weed and began searching the room. They found a little bit of vodka in a bottle in my fridge. I admitted it was mine, they continued searching. They found my grinder which had old weed residue in it. I was screwed. They let the school handle the weed and they charged me with underage possession of alcohol. Now I have to do community service, pay fines, and take classes. Also, my license will be suspended for 90 days.

    My roommate and gf got in no trouble.
    The reason my parents tested me was to help me help myself get a job this coming summer, they will hair test me and see any drug use for months back.
    So the 'pothead' that gets clean gets in trouble. I was doing the right thing and then I get in trouble. The entire ordeal will be expunged when I turn 21 so I don't really care that much, its just a pain in the ass. Now the big deal is the license suspension. In order to get this job that I'm being clean for I have to have a valid license. It is going to be suspended when I apply and would go for an interview. Now there is very little chance of getting this summer job that will more than double my current salary and get me started on my career path.

    Now I just hold this resentment in my mind because I was making all this effort with goals in mind and I was doing the right thing and they got me in trouble and screwed me out of this opportunity. grr
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    That's really crazy Insomniac - if the police were prepared to allow your college deal with the weed then why not the underage alcohol too? It's not like you were involved in actual criminal activity - why the prosecution service proceeded with the case is beyond me - in the uk the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) often don't proceed with a case when it is not in the public interest (things like shoplifting under the value of £80 - the store bans you from shopping there) - community service, fines, classes, licence suspension? What was wrong with a written warning? Surely that would have been sufficent

    All I have to say to them is they are obviously pillocks on a power trip

    tc Insomniac
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    What the old saying? "It's what you do when nobody is looking that truly reveals your character." I know it doesn't feel that way now, but you're doing the right thing and it is you who will win out and be better for the positive life decisions in the future. Maybe marijuana didn't phase you one bit, but that doesn't mean that it wouldn't effect you someday. You had a small sample size. I don't know, because I haven't been properly 'experienced' - but from what I understand / overstand, it's not the easiest habit to kick... Commend yourself more! :) ps-awesome avatar; that's my favorite one so far!
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