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Ideas & Opinions Resonating Music

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This is another one of those ideas people generally know which just solidified within my mind a while ago.

Some years ago my sister was dating a nice enough guy but it wasnt really a healthy relationship, she was in a bad place emotionally but he had OCD which seemed to come and go, and at times it was pretty bad, and she ended up supporting him when she herself needed support, anyway, it was a pressure she didnt need and wasnt capable of bearing on top of her own (very real) issues. My sister also likes music and had been compiling a spotify playlist of songs which really spoke to her, and when she played that playlist it was obvious as hell to everyone in the room except her: She is going to dump her boyfriend, and soon. Sure enough, a month later, bye bye boyfriend.

I took a look at my own recent music selections, ones which seemed to stick with me even though they werent classic earworm music, and when i applied some pretty basic psychology it became pretty obvious that it was broadcasting my inner feelings with this music. I could tell what each song said about how I felt, if I ever felt unsure about my feelings I would listen to some music and if a song REALLY stuck with me, I could just sit back, read the lyrics and realise exactly how I felt in plain terms.

I even tested this with my sister, I could essentially read her mind in (what she considered) disturbing detail, now she doesnt share music with me much anymore.

Our music says a lot about us, but very occasionally a single song will just stick with us, like our very soul is resonating with it, this song will reveal your deepest emotions and ideas, out wants, our hopes, anything.

I decided to make a playlist of "Resonated" music as they occurred, and it was kinda damning, aside from one or two quite positive ones following good events* they were mostly miserable songs about yearning and feeling lost and heartbreak.

Well, I just added a new song to that list: Hickory Creek (acoustic version), the underlying meaning for me being the sense of self fading and the repeated emphasis on the word "Alone" in the chorus. (I just had to move out of the first place I felt at home in with people I like into an empty house I have too many bad memories of, and the last family members I like just moved 5 hours away) Yup, these "Resonated" tracks are really damningly obvious.

Still, if you have somehow missed this fact about music, just listen to the music which really sticks in your head for some reason, and see what it says about you and how you feel, because until I noticed myself fixating on this song, I didnt know how I felt about moving, now I know, I feel alone and lost, like my world is fading away. (yay) Still, this isnt a post looking for a pity party, just an idea I like about just how personal our music really is.

*i quit a job I hated and a song I never heard before played on a radio and I just felt so connected to it, I just needed to know what it was, (yay soundhound) and low and behold: Flaws by Bastille, a song all about digging up what you have repressed and finishing things)


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This is truly great! And an excellent analysis on your behalf. . :^) I believe it is true, too—something about music: the kind that is truly great; that most touches our soul & tugs at the heart strings, or as you say particularly best - “resonates!” : )

we listen to all kinds of different genres; for varying reasons, some merely more than elevator / dental office visits — going upwards towards “background music,” which can be like having a TV on in the background while you do what you (otherwise would) do. . :D work; play, etc! ;)

some enhance particular given moods. . : )

some, as you say — strike such a chord within us, that it seems to penetrate deep into the subconscious. This is what seems to be best; in terms of what is felt, when we connect with a particular, as you say “song,” or “artist,” for instance. And it does seem that the torchered or punished soul; the bleeding heart, that which is blanketed in pain, can tend to write the most profound and deeply felt / as well as / emotional pieces of music.

depressed souls can produce some of the best stuff: and it get quite rather wildly popular because even those who don’t reach the depths of painful levels that most of us who’ve signed up here, have, they still can fall in love with a song by someone whose writing ✍️ about such personally painful memories that most hold close to their “souls,” or “selves.”

and thus, don’t share! ;)

in conclusion; I think your synopsis is a great one ☝️! : )

I think that for me, for what ever reason (& usually it includes a significant connection or attachment to something that is very meaningful in your life: i.e. “somebody/someone,”). . . The song ‘Last Christmas,” for whatever reason, has resonated with me ever since the holiday season of 2008. Partly —(or in part;)! Because id never heard the song and thought it to be “brand new!” Anyway some serious schtuff went down that still has not been surpassed to this day; & I think that that is one reason as to why it has stayed so penetrating or stuck on, my soul- it doesn’t have to make logical sense to anyone else! It’s kind of like with a movie, where music is juxtaposed or played over the top or, along side or with a particular series of movable images. This “chemistry,” can make magic. The music can influence the picture in such powerful ways that likely would not be the same, and in many cases would be lacking in terms of “the total package!” :D

that is all- for now. . ! ;^)
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