Respecting dementia (Rude, excessive swearing, very anti-religious and insulting)

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    How can it be expected of individuals to actually respect people's demented belief of magic, fairy-tailes and mystical bullshit? All religions, every single fucking belief system, it's such utter bullshit. And we're expected to RESPECT IT? What the flying fuck? If someone diagnosed with whatever form of madness is convenient, and he believes in the voices who tell him that the TV is actually a spying machine by "The Man", we're allowed to laugh at him, because he's clearly a fucking lunatic. But when a man believes that a magical fairy created everything out of fucking nothing, and that praying to said fairy will change his life for the better, and that those who believe in THAT fairy will spend in eternity in happiness and all that crap, and everyone else will be tortured for an eternety, because fuck them. Now, abandoning every time religious books fuck themselves over with contradictions, there's the teeeeeensy little bit on how it's based on accepting that there's an invisible magical fairy. Without ANY shred, any inkling, any fucking SNIFF of evidence why it might be remotely suggestable that such a thing might possibly be said to exist. There is no such evidence, whatsoever.

    And, hell, you might say that, because there's no evidence against, that's evidence for. Or maybe you'd say "How else do you explain [whatever]". Then A) The burden of proof lies with the one trying to proove the existence of something. Lack of evidence for IS evidence against; innocent until proven guilty. B) We admitt we don't know, and don't conjure up some nonsense just to calm ourselves. At one point, not so long ago, we didn't have the foggiest what caused diseases. And so, we came up with a fuckton of bullshit regarding why- From disrespecting the king, not believing in god, or that the old woman is a witch and was envious. You do accept that that was stupid of them, yes? Then how can you be right, when you've the same amount of evidence for your own believes as they did? (And if you say scientist and others also have things explaining things we don't have the foggiest idea about, know that they admitt to it. They offer an explenation, but don't claim it to be truth until they have evidence for it, other than it fits the math. They work of it as it is true, true, but they admitt that they could be wrong. Plus, they kinda have a shitton of evidence. Evidence you can actually trust and fact-check; the reports are there for all to see, and you can do the same observations and experiments with the right tools. And then, IF you get a different resoult, you write down everything you did, and present it. Presto, scientific progress. "A wizard did it" doesn't cut it in the real world.)

    So! Those that say they belief in ANY form of spiritualism, religions, or what-have-you, are either delusional and possibly lunatic, or they're simply thoughtless and refuse to put a single (I'm not even going to say original- Plenty of people have been sane throughout history) thought to what they're basing their life on. And, according to those nutjubs, something eternal, called a soul, that experiences time and can feel pain. Now, you'd think that something like that would warrant great thinking, a great deal of time and effort put into to make sure that your "soul" will be well kept care of once you're dead. Well, UNdead, since you'd still be there. But reason was never a strong point there. Anyway, most don't. They accept what they were told as, pun fucking intended, the god-given truth, and their minds will not be changed until they realise for themselves that Harry Potter is a lie, that there is no magic.

    Which brings me, again, the the point that these fuckers are fucking INSANE.
    But, noooo, we must respect these madmen and treat them like normal people and accept the fact that nobody will actually suggest making people either take medication, or admitt to themselves that believing in Santa/Satan is exceptionally childish.

    You know why? For the same reason that going into a black-dominated part of the US, and shouting that you "hate filthy fucking ******s". It's because they'd outnumber you, and would bring you down, one way or another.

    Hell, even if you were fucktarded enough to believe that black people were, biologically, inferiour to other people, and that was reason enough to treat them like shit, you'd probably not admitt to it? Why? Because (In that aspect they are, anyway) reasonable people outnumber you where you are, and would call you out for being such an immensely stupid little ****.

    This is aimed at everyone who believes in tarot cards, ghosts, psychics, reincarnation, religion of any kind, mind-reading, telepathy, magic, unicorns, vampires, god/s, prayer, curses, hexes, voodou, witchcraft, mana, invisibility, spirits, elementals, Great Ones, dragons, basilisks, luck as a thing that can be changed, that one's will has physical effect on other things, palm-reading, divination, astrology, trolls, elves, fairies, runes/crosses/other magical symbols, the arcane, angels, demons, souls, messiahs, prophets, oracles, visions, past lifes, and a long, long, LONG list more.

    To sum up: Grow up, admitt you realise there is no magic, no gods, or go to the nearest insane asylum to check in, because believing in ANY form of supernatural crap is either childness or madness, depending on your age and general maturity.
    To sum up 2: Respecting the above-mentioned is something no sane man should be asked to do, unless we're also required to respect EVERY SINGLE OTHER DELUSIONAL FUCKWIT.
    To sum up the sum-ups: Learn2Reason.

    (Yes, I know that actual mental people are genually sick and such, and they should get treatment, and supported through what must be difficult times. But those who actually believe in it, and don't consider the possibility that the voices aren't aliens or whatever the fuck you will, they are the ones I'm pissing on.)

    -Edit- Oh, I love this censorship. Shit, fuck, cock, ****.. To see what is termed vulgar and what is not. Spic, ******, honkey, jap, jewboy, coon... Indeed. Hah! So, racism towards blacks is bad.. unless you use a word that doesn't start with N, but racism towards others is fine, and using "the C-word" for women's genitals is bad, but not for men's. Woo double-standards. Don't you just love it? And the fact that you can say "Fuck you" is ok, but saying "my **** hurts" is not.
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    Okay anger that is a big issue what do you care if they are not your beliefs then what does it matter to you. I see that sometimes a belief can bring peace to that person can bring some healing weather we believe it or not it doesn't matter. A child has such a vivid imagaination they believe anything is possible maybe this person is just trying to get that feeling of their childhood back I don't think anyone should judge anyone HElp them perhaps see reality a bit more but if it brings them peace then i would rather enter into their world and treat them there. In time perhaps show them that there is still magic in this world one of healing and care and kindness perhaps that is what they seek in this magical world of thiers. sorry i can see where wanting to stay in a magical place really is appealing safe perhaps even in time with kindness understand perhaps they will see magic elsewhere in reality.

    You need to take care of you okay and your anger and not worry about others pain right now others beliefs you need to take care of your pain in any method you can find venting ranting here i hope that help you.
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    Not all religions are crap...there are some really peaceful ones that don't really have the whole "OMG THS PERSON AND THAT PERSON AND THIS PERSON ARE ALL GOING TO GO TO HELL BECAUSE THEY SINNED, YEEEEEHAWW!".

    One belief system I can think of is Buddhism. As Einstein once said, "The religion of future will be a cosmic religion. It should transcend a personal God and avoid dogmas and theology. Covering both the natural and the spiritual, it should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual as a meaningful unity. Buddhism anwers this description...If there is any religion that would cope with modern scientific needs, it would be Buddhism."

    I wouldn't say I'm buddhist, I simply treat people with respect, be curteous, do good things and good things will come to you etc etc. It's merely common sense open mindedness. That's one of the best things someone can ever do, keep and open mind. I've always thought religion was like mental illness - it clouds your vision, your thoughts.

    Oh and that Edit section made me lol :tongue:. It is pretty amusing that one certain word I know of is worse than all the others I've seen. Don't worry. Most kids have seen if not heard all the crap they'll witness on the internet in real life.

    In the end, keep a clear mind and don't get sucked into the hypocritical shit that of which is known as main-stream religion :smile:.

    PS - I wasn't preaching buddhism, was just mentioning what Albert said :)
  4. Krem

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    No. Any spiritual belief is downright wrong, regardless of the message. Note: Reincarnation/rebirth.

    "do good things and good things will come to you" [Citation needed]

    And Violet, it's irrelevant whatever their believes are and how it affects them. It's simply wrong, and thus asking someone to respect such delusions is silly.
  5. nolonger

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    The sad fact is, is that religion is something of an accepted mental insanity. If you want to call it that.

    It's always interesting to note, the further you go inland somewhere, or the more rural/isolated it gets for groups of people, that they 'become' more religious. I think it's because they feel alone themselves, have various different anxiety/mental disorders as a result of their social isolation(it's also 'rife' within countries/areas that are poor or unwealthy).

    I've always gone with the notion that if you accept me, I'll accept you.

    But, as is life: there's always an exception.
  6. *dilligaf*

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    Well, thanks for calling me a delusion fuckwit - very nice and supportive. While I don't believe in God, Jesus, creating the world in 7 days etcetc I do believe in Heaven, spirits, an afterlife. These beliefs have saved me when I was feeling at my lowest. And if that makes me a delusion fuckwit, then so be it. I'd much rather be that and be alive than be your idea of "sane" and be dead.
    People believe what they want to believe, they believe what helps them. No one has a right to judge them for that.

    To sum up: Learn to accept people for what they are and stop being so bloody judgemental
  7. Robin

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    Like anything else, some delusions are better than others :)
  8. boo

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    Someone want to rub laughing booddha's tummy? Just for luck yea? :love:
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    Why? Do you accept and respect every single other superstition, delusion, religion, and plain craziness? Should everyone else also accept them? Should we tear down all insane asylums and just 'accept them for who they are'?

    And, no, I'm not being supportive. But I made my own thread instead of calling this on every thread that mentions it, which I do believe is the far better option, no? I mean, if I did, THAT would be unsupportive. All sides must have a refuge somewhere, and outside of the Soap Box and one's own threads, calling them out for it would just be mean-spirited.